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  1. Redskin(n.)

    (Football) A member of the Washington Redskins, a football team.

  2. Redskin(n.)

    A common appellation for a North American Indian; -- so called from the color of the skin. It is now considered pejorative by some persons of North American Indian heritage. Cooper.


  1. redskin(Noun)

    An American Indian, Red Indian.

  2. Origin: From the reddish skin colour of American Indians.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Redskin(noun)

    a common appellation for a North American Indian; -- so called from the color of the skin


  1. Redskin

    "Redskin" is a racial descriptor for Native Americans, the origin of which is disputed. Although by some accounts not originally having negative intent, the term is now defined by dictionaries of American English as "usually offensive", "disparaging", "insulting", "taboo" and is avoided in public usage with the exception of its continued use as a name for sports teams. The term derives from the use of "red" as a color metaphor for race following European colonization of the Western Hemisphere. While initial explorers and later Anglo-Americans termed Native Americans light-skinned, brown, tawny, and russet. According to historian Alden T. Vaughan, "Not until the middle of the eighteenth century did most Anglo-Americans view Indians as significantly different in color from themselves, and not until the nineteenth century did red become the universally accepted color label for American Indians." Slang identifiers for ethnic groups based upon physical characteristics, including skin color, are almost universally slurs, or derogatory, emphasizing the difference between the speaker and the target.

Editors Contribution

  1. Redskin

    A literal or objective term for a full bodied red-painted Native American warrior typically encountered in the Northeast woodland and frontier regions from the 1600s to the mid 1800s.

    When the people of the colonial Massachusetts town saw Indians coming, they made ready for trade but when they saw the painted Redskins, they knew that these were warriors on a mission.


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    The numerical value of redskin in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

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    The numerical value of redskin in Pythagorean Numerology is: 8

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