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Princeton's WordNet

  1. rebuttal(noun)

    the speech act of refuting by offering a contrary contention or argument

  2. rebutter, rebuttal(noun)

    (law) a pleading by the defendant in reply to a plaintiff's surrejoinder


  1. rebuttal(Noun)

    The act of refuting something by making a contrary argument, or presenting contrary evidence.

  2. rebuttal(Noun)

    A pleading by a defendant in reply to the evidence put forward by a plaintiff or the prosecution.

  3. rebuttal(Noun)

    A statement, designed to refute or negate specific arguments put forward by opponents.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Rebuttal(noun)

    the giving of evidence on the part of a plaintiff to destroy the effect of evidence introduced by the defendant in the same suit


  1. Rebuttal

    In law, the rebuttal is a form of evidence that is presented to contradict or nullify other evidence that has been presented by an adverse party. By analogy the same term is used in politics and public affairs to refer to the informal process by which statements, designed to refute or negate specific arguments put forward by opponents, are deployed in the media. In law, special rules apply to rebuttal. Rebuttal evidence or rebuttal witnesses must be confined solely to the subject matter of the evidence rebutted. New evidence on other subjects may not be brought in rebuttal. However, rebuttal is one of the few vehicles whereby a party may introduce surprise evidence or witnesses. The basic process is as follows: Both sides of a controversy are obliged to declare in advance of trial what witnesses they plan to call, and what each witness is expected to testify to. When either a plaintiff or defendant brings direct evidence or testimony which was not anticipated, the other side may be granted a specific opportunity to rebut it. In rebuttal, the rebutting party may generally bring witnesses and evidence which were never declared before, so long as they serve to rebut the prior evidence.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Matt Rivers:

    (It) gives them a clear rebuttal to the Trump administration's argument that China isn't doing its part, that could lead to greater leverage in future negotiations on other issues like trade.

  2. Robert F. Lauterborn:

    It was in rebuttal to the 4P’s concept that had been the cornerstone of marketing teaching since 1960 or so (and still may be, in many places). I felt that the 4P’s was wrong-headed because it looked at the marketing process from the company out, instead of from the customer in, which I felt was backwards.

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