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Princeton's WordNet

  1. radish(noun)

    pungent fleshy edible root

  2. radish, daikon, Japanese radish, Raphanus sativus longipinnatus(noun)

    radish of Japan with a long hard durable root eaten raw or cooked

  3. radish(noun)

    pungent edible root of any of various cultivated radish plants

  4. radish, Raphanus sativus(noun)

    Eurasian plant widely cultivated for its edible pungent root usually eaten raw

  5. radish plant, radish(noun)

    a cruciferous plant of the genus Raphanus having a pungent edible root


  1. radish(Noun)

    A plant of the Brassicaceae family, Raphanus sativus, having an edible root

  2. radish(Noun)

    The pungent root of this plant, usually eaten raw in salads etc

  3. Origin: redic, rædic, from radice, the ablative singular of radix; later readopted from radis, from raditz, from Latin. Also see: eradicate.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Radish(noun)

    the pungent fleshy root of a well-known cruciferous plant (Raphanus sativus); also, the whole plant

  2. Origin: [F. radis; cf. It. radice, Pr. raditz: all fr. L. radix, -icis, a root, an edible root, especially a radish, akin to E. wort. See Wort, and cf. Eradicate, Race a root, Radix.]


  1. Radish

    The radish is an edible root vegetable of the Brassicaceae family that was domesticated in Europe, in pre-Roman times. They are grown and consumed throughout the world. Radishes have numerous varieties, varying in size, color and duration of required cultivation time. There are some radishes that are grown for their seeds; oilseed radishes are grown, as the name implies, for oil production. Radish can sprout from seed to small plant in as little as 3 days. The descriptive Greek name of the genus Raphanus means "quickly appearing" and refers to the rapid germination of these plants. Raphanistrum, from the same Greek root, is an old name once used for this genus. The common name "radish" is derived from Latin radix. The radish has been used over many centuries. Although the radish was a well-established crop in Hellenistic and Roman times, which leads to the assumption that it was brought into cultivation at an earlier time, Zohary and Hopf note that "there are almost no archeological records available" to help determine its earlier history and domestication. Wild forms of the radish and its relatives, the mustards and turnip, can be found over west Asia and Europe, suggesting that their domestication took place somewhere in that area. However Zohary and Hopf conclude, "Suggestions as to the origins of these plants are necessarily based on linguistic considerations."

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Radish

    rad′ish, n. an annual whose succulent pungent root is eaten raw as a salad.—ns. Rad′ish-fly, an American insect; Sea′side-rad′ish, the wild radish. [Fr. radis—Prov. raditz—L. radix, radicis, a root.]

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