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Webster Dictionary

  1. Querent(noun)

    a complainant; a plaintiff

  2. Querent(noun)

    an inquirer

  3. Origin: [L. querens, p. pr. of queri to complain.]


  1. Querent

    Querent as "one who seeks" is derived, according to the Oxford English Dictionary, from the Latin quærēns "seeker," the present participle of quærere "to seek, gain, ask." It is clear that Querent became used to denote "a person who questions an Oracle" because it is usually when you have a problem that requires Otherworldly advice that you would seek out the oracle in the first place. This oracle may simply be a divinatory technique, such as the I Ching, that is manipulated by the Querent themselves without recourse to any other human agency. Alternatively it may involve another person, someone perhaps seen as a "fortune teller" — particularly a Practitioner of Tarot reading or other form of Mediumship — from whom advice is sought. The kinds of questions asked by a Querent may vary widely according to their needs, and the methodology of the divination system. Some Querents seek general advice trusting that they will be told what is most pertinent to their present situation. Others will ask questions that are only slightly more direct such as, "Will I be rich?" and "What kind of person will I marry?" Still others seek specific advice. Although opinions are divided amongst Practitioners of various divinatory arts as to what constitutes a 'good' question: some say that questions in the form of "What would be likely to happen if I followed course of action X?" is potentially more useful to a Querent than "Should I follow course of action X?" Yes and no questions are not always best because of the finality they represent, besides usually most Querents are after far more than just Yes and No.


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    The numerical value of querent in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

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    The numerical value of querent in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

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