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Definitions for quadrilateralˌkwɒd rəˈlæt ər əl

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. quadrilateral, quadrangle, tetragon(adj)

    a four-sided polygon

  2. quadrilateral, four-sided(adj)

    having four sides


  1. quadrilateral(Noun)

    a polygon having four sides.

  2. quadrilateral(Adjective)

    having four sides.

  3. Origin: : From quadrilaterus (1650), quadri- (four) + latus (sided)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Quadrilateral(adj)

    having four sides, and consequently four angles; quadrangular

  2. Quadrilateral(noun)

    a plane figure having four sides, and consequently four angles; a quadrangular figure; any figure formed by four lines

  3. Quadrilateral(noun)

    an area defended by four fortresses supporting each other; as, the Venetian quadrilateral, comprising Mantua, Peschiera, Verona, and Legnano

  4. Origin: [L. quadrilaterus: cf. F. quadrilatre, quadrilatral. See Quadri- and Lateral.]


  1. Quadrilateral

    In Euclidean plane geometry, a quadrilateral is a polygon with four sides and four vertices or corners. Sometimes, the term quadrangle is used, by analogy with triangle, and sometimes tetragon for consistency with pentagon, hexagon and so on. The origin of the word "quadrilateral" is the two Latin words quadri, a variant of four, and latus, meaning "side." Quadrilaterals are simple or complex, also called crossed. Simple quadrilaterals are either convex or concave. The interior angles of a simple quadrilateral ABCD add up to 360 degrees of arc, that is This is a special case of the n-gon interior angle sum formula × 180°. In a crossed quadrilateral, the four interior angles on either side of the crossing add up to 720°. All convex quadrilaterals tile the plane by repeated rotation around the midpoints of their edges.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Quadrilateral

    kwod-ri-lat′ėr-al, adj. having four sides.—n. (geom.) a plane figure having four sides: the four fortresses—Mantua, Verona, Peschiera, and Legnago—which form the points of a quadrilateral.—n. Quadrilat′eralness. [L. quadrilaterusquatuor, four, latus, lateris, a side.]


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    The numerical value of quadrilateral in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

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