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Definitions for québecoisˌkeɪ bɛˈkwɑ; Fr. keɪ bɛˈkwa; -bɛˈkwɑ, -ˈkwɑz; Fr. -bɛˈkwa

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Quebecois(adj)

    a native or inhabitant of Quebec (especially one who speaks French)

  2. Quebecois(adj)

    of or relating to Quebec (especially to the French speaking inhabitants or their culture)


  1. Quebecois(Noun)

    Any inhabitant or native of the city or province of Quebec, especially a French Canadian one.

    I am a proud Quebecois.

  2. Quebecois(Adjective)

    Of or pertaining to Quebec, or French Canada.

    Canadians have mixed views concerning whether the Quebecois people constitute a distinct nation.

  3. Quebecois(ProperNoun)

    The dialect of French spoken in the Canadian province of Quebec.

    I don't speak French and English; I speak Quebecois et Joual


  1. Québécois

    Québécois is a word used primarily to refer to a French-speaking native or inhabitant of the Canadian province of Quebec. It may also be used, with an upper or lower case initial, as an adjective relating to Quebec, or to the French culture of Quebec. A resident or native of Quebec is usually referred to in English as a Quebecer or Quebecker. In French, Québécois or Québécoise usually refers to any native or resident of Quebec. Its use became more prominent in the 1960s as French Canadians from Quebec increasingly self-identified as Québécois.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Gilles Duceppe:

    The Bloc Quebecois was fighting for its existence and my return was to save this party, i would have evidently wanted to obtain more (seats) and to win my own riding. But I am leaving with the sense that my work was accomplished.

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