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  1. Qingbai ware

    Qingbai ware is a type of pottery created during the Song Dynasty in China, which is characterised by the greenish tint of its porcelain. It can also be referred to as Yingqing. It was made using specialist white porcelain, which was then overlaid with a tinted glaze. Much of Qingbai ware was used by the common people, which can be considered unusual for this time period, as most pottery made during this era was strictly for imperial use. Qingbai ware was first introduced to China after the Mongol conquests in 1279, and was mostly made during the Song Dynasty. Even though Qingbai ware is not considered to be part of the wu wei ce, or five classic wares of the Song Dynasty. Qingbai ware is Ding ware that has achieved true translucency. Ding ware is an off white tone of porcelain. The Qingbai ware achieved true translucency through using kaolin and fine-grained porcelain stone that supported thin walled vessels. Kaolin is one of the most common clay minerals that gives the porcelain the true white color and allows for little to no shrinking of the vessel. The high point of Qingbai ware was between the 10th and 13th centuries. This accomplishment was achieved in the province of southeast Jiangxi in the town of Jingdezhen. After creating the chemical achievement that supported the thin vessels the next aspect to master was the glaze. This type of smooth, glassy glaze is achieved by using a small amount of iron in a reduction fired kiln. This type of glaze then achieved a bluish green tint. The local fabrics of the times lent themselves to the decoration of the vessels. By using the detailed design of the fabric for a reference the potters could achieve a great amount of variety in their designs. Even though, much of qingbai ware borrows much of their decoration from the Ding and Yaozhou wares, they improved upon them. There is a lot of minute detail and beading accenting the outside rims of many vessels. In the early 14th century the Jingdezhen potters created a sturdier ceramic body by adding a greater amount of kaolin to the clay. This type of ceramic ware is referred to as luanbai after its opaque glaze. This type of ware was short lived but helped to establish a new precedent for new mixtures of clay. Qingbai ware was made for the use of the people and not strictly for imperial use. Qingbai ware has a pure white porcelain body with a bluish tinted glaze.


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    The numerical value of qingbai ware in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

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