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Princeton's WordNet

  1. pubic hair, bush, crotch hair(noun)

    hair growing in the pubic area


  1. pubic hair(Noun)

    The hair that grows in the pubic region from puberty.

  2. pubic hair(Noun)

    A single hair growing in the pubic region.


  1. Pubic hair

    Pubic hair is the hair in the frontal genital area of adolescent and adult humans, located on and around the sex organs, the crotch, and sometimes at the top of the inside of the thighs, in the pubic region around the pubis bone. Although fine vellus hair is present in the area in childhood, pubic hair is considered to be the heavier, longer and coarser hair that develops during puberty as an effect of rising levels of androgens. Pubic hair is therefore part of the androgenic hair and is a secondary sex characteristic. Hair does not in itself have any intrinsic sexual value other than the attributes given to it by individuals in a cultural context. Some cultures are ambivalent in relation to particular body hair, with some being regarded as attractive while others being regarded as unaesthetic. Many cultures regard pubic hair to be erotic. In most cultures, both men and women are expected to cover their pubic hair at all times, but sometimes this is because it is associated with genitalia. Slang terms for pubic hair, especially on a woman, includes "bush" or "muff".


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of pubic hair in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of pubic hair in Pythagorean Numerology is: 6

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Whitney Bowe:

    We have pubic hair for a reason, it acts as a shield against bacteria, allergens, and other unwanted pathogens.

  2. Sherry Ross:

    If you use a razor, laser, or wax your pubic hair, make sure the skin is always kept clean before and afterremoving the hair, loofah the skin after to help prevent acne and ingrown hairs during the regrowth process.

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  1. pubic hairpubic hairpubic hair

Translations for pubic hair

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  • شعر العانةArabic
  • বালBengali
  • kønsbehåring, kønshårDanish
  • SchamhaarGerman
  • vello pubiano, pendejo, vello púbicoSpanish
  • häbemekarvadEstonian
  • موی زهارPersian
  • häpykarvoitus, häpykarvaFinnish
  • poil pubienFrench
  • stothógIrish
  • שְׂעַר הָעֶרְוָוהHebrew
  • skapahár, kynhárIcelandic
  • 陰毛Japanese
  • 陰毛, 음모Korean
  • gaktos plaukai, gaktos plaukasLithuanian
  • पौगंड-बाल, योनिपुष्ठ-बाल, सुघट-केस, झाटा, योनिपुष्ठ-केस, सुघट-केश, योनिपुष्ठ-केश, योनिपुष्ठ-कुंतल, पौगंड-कुंतल, सुघट-बाल, पौगंड-केस, सुघट-कुंतलMarathi
  • kjønnshårNorwegian
  • schaamhaarDutch
  • kjønnshårNorwegian Nynorsk
  • owłosienie łonowePolish
  • pelos púbicos, pentelhos, pentelho, pelo púbico, pelos pubianos, pelo pubianoPortuguese
  • волосня, лобковые волосы, лобковый волосRussian
  • pubishår, könshår, pubeshårSwedish
  • vinyuziSwahili
  • ขนหัวหน่าว, ขนเพชรThai
  • bulbul, bulbolTagalog
  • kasık kılıTurkish
  • lông muVietnamese

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