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Princeton's WordNet

  1. placebo effect(noun)

    any effect that seems to be a consequence of administering a placebo; the change is usually beneficial and is assumed result from the person's faith in the treatment or preconceptions about what the experimental drug was supposed to do; pharmacologists were the first to talk about placebo effects but now the idea has been generalized to many situations having nothing to do with drugs


  1. Placebo effect(n.)

    a reaction by a patient who receives a placebo, in which the symptoms of illness are lessened or an anticipated effect is experienced. Because the placebo itself has no pharmacological activity, this reaction is mediated by the expectations of the patient receiving the placebo; the reaction is considered as an example of the power of suggestion. Dramatic subjective effects such as relief of discomfort or pain are sometimes observed due to administration of a placebo, but in some cases measurable physiological effects may also be observed.


  1. placebo effect(Noun)

    The tendency of any medication or treatment, even an inert or ineffective one, to exhibit results simply because the recipient believes that it will work.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Placebo Effect

    An effect usually, but not necessarily, beneficial that is attributable to an expectation that the regimen will have an effect, i.e., the effect is due to the power of suggestion.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Brandon A. Trean:

    The highest form of medicine is the simplest and most honest activation of the placebo effect via self-induction.

  2. Sarah Steele:

    Potential buyers should be made aware that no scientific study evidences that direct adult consumption of human milk for medicinal properties offers anything more than a placebo effect.

  3. Kathryn Hall:

    We are still in the early stages of using genetic screening for the placebo response in clinical trials, and as our knowledge of personalized medicine evolves it makes sense that we also consider how the placebo effect fits into treatment response.

  4. Steven Nissen:

    The placebo effect is very powerful, i can imagine how this plays out in the athletic world, where you're operating at the 99th percentile of human performance. Someone says, 'I can give you something that's going to make you a little bit better.' It's very tantalizing to try it.

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