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  1. Piccadilly(ProperNoun)

    Piccadilly, a street running from Hyde Park Corner to Piccadilly Circus

  2. Piccadilly(ProperNoun)

    the surrounding area

  3. piccadilly(Noun)


  4. Origin: From Pickadilly Hall, a house belonging to tailor Robert Baker, from piccadilly (a product in which he specialized), a form of piccadill, possibly from conjectured *picadillo, from picado; compare 17th century Spanish picadura.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Piccadilly(noun)

    a high, stiff collar for the neck; also, a hem or band about the skirt of a garment, -- worn by men in the 17th century

  2. Origin: [OF. piccagilles the several divisions of pieces fastened together about the brim of the collar of a doublet, a dim. fr. Sp. picado, p. p. of picar to prick. See Pike.]


  1. Piccadilly

    Piccadilly is a road in London, running from Hyde Park Corner in the west to Piccadilly Circus in the east. It is completely within the City of Westminster and forms part of the A4 route, London's second most important western artery, to Avonmouth. The area of St. James's lies to the south of the eastern section of the street, while the western section is built up only on the northern side and overlooks Green Park. The area to the north is Mayfair. Piccadilly is one of the widest and straightest streets in central London. It is the location of several notable London landmarks and buildings, including Fortnum & Mason, the Royal Academy, the Ritz Hotel, the RAF Club, Hatchards, and the embassies of Japan and Malta. Simpson's, once amongst the United Kingdom's leading clothing stores, opened on Piccadilly in the 1930s. The store closed in 1999 and the site is now the flagship shop of the booksellers Waterstone's.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Piccadilly

    pik′a-dil-i, n. a standing-up collar with the points turned over, first worn about 1870: a high collar worn in the time of James I.: an edging of lace on a woman's broad collar (17th century).


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