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Definitions for phospholipidˌfɒs foʊˈlɪp ɪd

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. phospholipid(noun)

    any of various compounds composed of fatty acids and phosphoric acid and a nitrogenous base; an important constituent of membranes


  1. phospholipid(Noun)

    any lipid, such as lecithin or cephalin, consisting of a diglyceride combined with a phosphate group and a simple organic molecule such as choline or ethanolamine; they are important constituents of biological membranes


  1. Phospholipid

    Phospholipids are a class of lipids that are a major component of all cell membranes as they can form lipid bilayers. Most phospholipids contain a diglyceride, a phosphate group, and a simple organic molecule such as choline; one exception to this rule is sphingomyelin, which is derived from sphingosine instead of glycerol. The first phospholipid identified as such in biological tissues was lecithin, or phosphatidylcholine, in the egg yolk, by Theodore Nicolas Gobley, a French chemist and pharmacist, in 1847. The structure of the phospholipid molecule generally consists of hydrophobic tails and a hydrophilic head. Biological membranes in eukaryotes also contain another class of lipid, sterol, interspersed among the phospholipids and together they provide membrane fluidity and mechanical strength. Purified phospholipids are produced commercially and have found applications in nanotechnology and materials science.


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    The numerical value of phospholipid in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

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    The numerical value of phospholipid in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

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