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Princeton's WordNet

  1. peal, pealing, roll, rolling(verb)

    a deep prolonged sound (as of thunder or large bells)

  2. peal(verb)

    ring recurrently

    "bells were pealing"

  3. ring, peal(verb)

    sound loudly and sonorously

    "the bells rang"


  1. peal(Noun)

    A loud sound, or a succession of loud sounds, as of bells, thunder, cannon, shouts, laughter, of a multitude, etc.

  2. peal(Verb)

    To sound with a peal or peals.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Peal(noun)

    a small salmon; a grilse; a sewin

  2. Peal(verb)

    to appeal

  3. Peal(noun)

    a loud sound, or a succession of loud sounds, as of bells, thunder, cannon, shouts, of a multitude, etc

  4. Peal(noun)

    a set of bells tuned to each other according to the diatonic scale; also, the changes rung on a set of bells

  5. Peal(verb)

    to utter or give out loud sounds

  6. Peal(verb)

    to resound; to echo

  7. Peal(verb)

    to utter or give forth loudly; to cause to give out loud sounds; to noise abroad

  8. Peal(verb)

    to assail with noise or loud sounds

  9. Peal(verb)

    to pour out

  10. Origin: [Etymol. uncertain.]


  1. Peal

    In campanology, a peal is the name given to a specific type of performance of change ringing. The precise definition of a peal has changed considerably over the years. Currently, for a performance to be recognised as a peal by the Central Council for Church Bell Ringers it must consist of at least 5,040 changes on seven working bells, or a minimum of 5,000 on higher numbers of bells, meet a number of other criteria, and be published in The Ringing World. Originally a peal referred to a set sequence of changes of any length, now more often referred to as a touch. The original meaning is still in use today in call-change ringing. The most famous and frequently rung call change peal, associated with the Devon Association of ringers, is named 60 on 3rds. Related to this meaning is the practice of raising or lowering in peal, that is making the bells ready for change ringing by gradually increasing their swing until each bell is turning through a full circle, and then once ringing has finished returning them to their safe resting position by gradually reducing the amount of swing. A set of bells is sometimes called a peal of bells, but ringers usually prefer the name a ring of bells.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Peal

    pēl, n. a loud sound: a number of loud sounds one after another: a set of bells tuned to each other: a chime or carillon: the changes rung upon a set of bells.—v.i. to resound like a bell: to utter or give forth loud or solemn sounds.—v.t. to cause to sound loudly: to assail with noise: to celebrate. [For appeal; O. Fr. apelapeler—L. appellāre, inten. of appellĕre, ap- (ad), to, pellĕre, to drive.]

Anagrams for peal »

  1. leap

  2. pale

  3. plea


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of peal in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of peal in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. George Gordon Byron:

    I feel my immortality over sweep all pains, all tears, all time, all fears, - and peal, like the eternal thunders of the deep, into my ears, this truth, - thou livest forever

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