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  1. pash(Noun)

    A passionate kiss.

  2. pash(Noun)

    A romantic infatuation; a crush.

  3. pash(Noun)

    The object of a romantic infatuation; a crush.

  4. pash(Noun)

    Any current obsession or passion.

  5. pash(Verb)

    To throw (or be thrown) and break.

  6. pash(Verb)

    To snog, to make out, to kiss.

  7. Origin: Contraction of passion.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Pash(verb)

    to strike; to crush; to smash; to dash in pieces

  2. Pash(verb)

    the head; the poll

  3. Pash(verb)

    a crushing blow

  4. Pash(verb)

    a heavy fall of rain or snow

  5. Origin: [Scot., the pate. Cf. Pash, v. t.]


  1. Pash

    Pash was the pen name of Avtar Singh Sandhu, an Indian poet. His strongly left-wing views were reflected in his poetry. He was born in Talwandi Salem, Jalandhar, Punjab, growing up in the midst of Naxalite a revolutionary movement waged in punjab against the landlords, industrialists, traders, etc. who control the means of production. He published his first book of revolutionary poems, Loh-Katha in 1970; his militant and provocative tone raised the ire of the establishment and a murder charge was hastily brought against him. He spent nearly two years in jail, before being finally acquitted. On acquittal, he became involved in Punjab's maoist front, editing a literary magazine, Siarh. He became a popular political figure on the left during this period, and was awarded a fellowship at the Punjabi Academy of Letters in 1985. He toured the United Kingdom and the United States the following year; while in the U.S., he became involved with the Anti-47 Front, opposing Sikh extremist violence. Pash, who was in Punjab for a holiday from the U.S., was shot dead by a group of Khalistani terrorists.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Pash

    pash, v.t. (Shak.) to strike, to dash, to crush.—n. a blow. [Perh. imit.]

  2. Pash

    pash, n. (Shak.) the head, the face.

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