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Princeton's WordNet

  1. chill, pall(noun)

    a sudden numbing dread

  2. pall, shroud, cerement, winding-sheet, winding-clothes(noun)

    burial garment in which a corpse is wrapped

  3. curtain, drape, drapery, mantle, pall(verb)

    hanging cloth used as a blind (especially for a window)

  4. pall, dull(verb)

    become less interesting or attractive

  5. daunt, dash, scare off, pall, frighten off, scare away, frighten away, scare(verb)

    cause to lose courage

    "dashed by the refusal"

  6. pall(verb)

    cover with a pall

  7. cloy, pall(verb)

    cause surfeit through excess though initially pleasing

    "Too much spicy food cloyed his appetite"

  8. pall(verb)

    cause to become flat

    "pall the beer"

  9. die, pall, become flat(verb)

    lose sparkle or bouquet

    "wine and beer can pall"

  10. pall(verb)

    lose strength or effectiveness; become or appear boring, insipid, or tiresome (to)

    "the course palled on her"

  11. tire, pall, weary, fatigue, jade(verb)

    lose interest or become bored with something or somebody

    "I'm so tired of your mother and her complaints about my food"

Webster Dictionary

  1. Pall(noun)

    same as Pawl

  2. Pall(noun)

    an outer garment; a cloak mantle

  3. Pall(noun)

    a kind of rich stuff used for garments in the Middle Ages

  4. Pall(noun)

    same as Pallium

  5. Pall(noun)

    a figure resembling the Roman Catholic pallium, or pall, and having the form of the letter Y

  6. Pall(noun)

    a large cloth, esp., a heavy black cloth, thrown over a coffin at a funeral; sometimes, also, over a tomb

  7. Pall(noun)

    a piece of cardboard, covered with linen and embroidered on one side; -- used to put over the chalice

  8. Pall(verb)

    to cloak

  9. Pall(adj)

    to become vapid, tasteless, dull, or insipid; to lose strength, life, spirit, or taste; as, the liquor palls

  10. Pall(verb)

    to make vapid or insipid; to make lifeless or spiritless; to dull; to weaken

  11. Pall(verb)

    to satiate; to cloy; as, to pall the appetite

  12. Pall(noun)


  13. Origin: [OE. pal, AS. pl, from L. pallium cover, cloak, mantle, pall; cf. L. palla robe, mantle.]


  1. Pall

    A pall is a Y-shaped heraldic charge, normally having its arms in the three corners of the shield. An example of a pall placed horizontally is the green portion of the Flag of South Africa. A pall that stops short of the shield's edges and that has pointed ends to its three limbs is called a shakefork, although some heraldic sources do not make a distinction between a pall and a shakefork. A pall standing upside down is named pall reversed. A pall on a shield may indicate a connection with the clergy, particularly archbishoprics, although in these cases the pall's lower limb usually stops short of the bottom of the shield and is fringed. Such a pall is often called an ecclesiastical pall or pallium. This is in reference to the ecclesiastical vestment from which this heraldic charge derives.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Pall

    pawl, n. a cloak or mantle, an outer garment: a chalice-cover: (her.) a Y-shaped bearing charged with crosses patté fitché, as in the arms of the see of Canterbury—sometimes reversed: a pallium (q.v.): a curtain or covering: the cloth over a coffin at a funeral: that which brings deep sorrow.—n. Pall′-bear′er, one of the mourners at a funeral who used to hold up the corners of the pall. [A.S. pæll, purple cloth—L. palla, a mantle; cf. Pallium, a cloak.]

  2. Pall

    pawl, v.i. to become vapid, insipid, or wearisome.—v.t. to make vapid: to dispirit or depress. [W. pallu, to fail, pall, failure.]

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    The numerical value of pall in Chaldean Numerology is: 6

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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Amira Elghawaby:

    It is extremely important to weigh our words carefully and to be sure that when we're talking about violent extremism and criminal behavior, that we do so without alienating, marginalizing and casting this pall of suspicion over the more than 1 million Canadian Muslims.

  2. Tom Rhodes:

    A very foreboding sign, the journalist was killed just three days after President Salva Kiir threatened to target journalists before departing for peace talks in Addis Ababa, it is still too early to tell whether there is a link but this tragedy will certainly cast a pall over independent reporting in the country as South Sudanese journalists are increasingly forced to self-censor as a means of survival.

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