What does paleobotany mean?

Definitions for paleobotanyˌpeɪ li oʊˈbɒt n i; esp. Brit. ˌpæl i-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. paleobotany, palaeobotany(noun)

    the study of fossil plants


  1. paleobotany(Noun)

    The branch of paleontology that deals with the study of plant fossils.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Paleobotany(noun)

    that branch of paleontology which treats of fossil plants

  2. Origin: [Paleo- + botany.]


  1. Paleobotany

    Paleobotany, also spelled as palaeobotany, is the branch of paleontology or paleobiology dealing with the recovery and identification of plant remains from geological contexts, and their use for the biological reconstruction of past environments, and both the evolutionary history of plants, with a bearing upon the evolution of life in general. A synonym is paleophytology. Paleobotany includes the study of terrestrial plant fossils, as well as the study of prehistoric marine photoautotrophs, such as photosynthetic algae, seaweeds or kelp. A closely related field is palynology, which is the study of fossilized and extant spores and pollen. Paleobotany is important in the reconstruction of ancient ecological systems and climate, known as paleoecology and paleoclimatology respectively; and is fundamental to the study of green plant development and evolution. Paleobotany has also become important to the field of archaeology, primarily for the use of phytoliths in relative dating and in paleoethnobotany,


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