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  1. Mongolia, Mongolian People's Republic, Outer Mongolia(noun)

    a landlocked socialist republic in central Asia


  1. Outer Mongolia(ProperNoun)

    An East Asian region, south of Siberia, west of Manchuria and north of Inner Mongolia (with closely related native Mongolian population), well north of the Great Wall, which never became an integral part of the Chinese empire, and later achieved autonomy and full independence of China, as the republic of Mongolia

  2. Origin: outer (exterior, seen from China) + Mongolia


  1. Outer Mongolia

    Outer Mongolia was a territory of the Manchu Qing Dynasty. Its area was roughly equivalent to that of the modern state of Mongolia, which is sometimes informally called "Outer Mongolia" today, plus the Russian republic of Tuva. There was and is some confusion about whether Outer Mongolia only consisted of the four Khalkha aimags, or of Khalkha plus Oyirad areas Khovd and Tannu Uriankhai. In explaining its independence from the Chinese Republic in 1912, the Mongolian government around the Bogd Khan stressed that both Mongolia and China had been administered by the Manchus, but after the fall of the Manchu dynasty in 1911 it was simply that the contract about their submission to the Manchus had become invalid. The name "Outer Mongolia" is contrasted with Inner Mongolia, an autonomous region of China. Inner Mongolia was given its name because it was more directly administered by the Qing court; Outer Mongolia had a greater degree of autonomy within the Qing domain. The term ar mongol is sometimes used in Mongolian language to refer to Outer Mongolia when making a distinction with Inner Mongolia, so as to elide the history of Qing rule and rather imply a geographic unity or distinction of regions inhabited by Mongols in the Mongolian Plateau. There also exists an English term Northern Mongolia, but possibly with political connotations. It can also be used to refer to Mongolia synchronically. In the Mongolian language, the word ar refers to the back side of something, which has been extended to mean the northern side of any spatial entity, e.g. a mountain or a yurt. The word öbür refers to the south side of a mountain. So the difference between Inner Mongolia and the Mongolian state is conceived of in the metaphor as at the backward northern side vs. the south side of a mountain. In contrast to Chinese: 漠北蒙古; pinyin: Mòběi Měnggǔ, there is also Chinese: 漠南蒙古; pinyin: Mònán Měnggǔ roughly referring to the region now we know as Inner Mongolia, while the direct and possibly more sinocentristic Chinese counterpart for the term "Inner Mongolia" remained the standard terminology for the region.


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    The numerical value of outer mongolia in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

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    The numerical value of outer mongolia in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

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