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  1. Charles Krauthammer:

    Look, it’s clear that Obama loathes Netanyahu more than any other world leader.

  2. Mehmet Murat ildan:

    All the World's a Stage, as master Shakespeare said, and All the Other World's a Fake, as master Science said!

  3. Minna Rae:

    We're very fortunate he lived long enough to get verification for his service because many other World War II vets died before that happened.

  4. Adam Markham:

    UCS believes conversations about the mounting threats to the Great Barrier Reef and other World Heritage sites need to happen and should be done publicly.

  5. Gregg Easterbrook:

    The U.S. Navy is 10 times stronger than all of the other world's navies combined, to say that the Navy is weak because the numbers are going down is classic political nonsense.

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