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  1. ossification(noun)

    the developmental process of bone formation

  2. ossification(noun)

    the calcification of soft tissue into a bonelike material

  3. ossification(noun)

    the process of becoming rigidly fixed in a conventional pattern of thought or behavior

  4. ossification, conformity(noun)

    hardened conventionality


  1. ossification(Noun)

    the normal process by which bone is formed

  2. ossification(Noun)

    the calcification of tissue into a bonelike mass; the mass so formed

  3. ossification(Noun)

    the process of becoming set in one's ways or beliefs; rigid conventionality


  1. Ossification

    Ossification is the process of laying down new bone material by cells called osteoblasts. It is synonymous with bone tissue formation. There are two processes resulting in the formation of normal, healthy bone tissue: Intramembranous ossification is the direct laying down of bone into the primitive connective tissue, while endochondral ossification involves cartilage as a precursor. In fracture healing, endochondral osteogenesis is the most commonly occurring process, for example in fractures of long bones treated by plaster of Paris, whereas fractures treated by open reduction and stabilization by metal plate and screws may heal by intramembranous osteogenesis. Heterotopic ossification is a process resulting in the formation of bone tissue that is often atypical, at an extraskeletal location. Calcification is often confused with ossification. Calcification is synonymous with the formation of calcium-based salts and crystals within cells and tissue. It is a process that occurs during ossification, but not vice versa. The exact mechanisms by which bone development is triggered remains unclear, but it involves growth factors and cytokines in some way.


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