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  1. Orbivirus

    The genus Orbivirus is a member of the Reoviridae family. This genus currently contains 22 species and at least 130 different serotypes. Orbiviruses can infect and replicate within a wide range of arthropod and vertebrate hosts. Orbiviruses are named after their characteristic doughnut shaped capsomers. Many orbiviruses are transmitted by ticks or haematophagus insect vectors and have a wide host range that includes cattle, goats and sheep, wild ruminants, equids, camelids, marsupials, sloths, bats, birds, large canine and feline carnivores and humans. The type species is Bluetongue virus. The three economically most important orbiviruses are Bluetongue virus, African horse sickness virus and Epizootic hemorrhagic disease virus all of which are transmitted by Culicoides species.

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  1. Orbivirus

    A genus of REOVIRIDAE infecting a wide range of arthropods and vertebrates including humans. It comprises at least 21 serological subgroups. Transmission is by vectors such as midges, mosquitoes, sandflies, and ticks.


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    The numerical value of orbivirus in Chaldean Numerology is: 3

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    The numerical value of orbivirus in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

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