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  1. ontic(Adjective)


  2. ontic(Adjective)

    Whatever pertains to being generally, as opposed some theory of it (which would be ontology).

  3. ontic(Adjective)

    The intransitive objects of some specific, historically determinate, scientific investigation.


  1. Ontic

    In philosophy, ontic is physical, real, or factual existence. "Ontic" describes what is there, as opposed to the nature or properties of that being. To illustrate: ⁕Roger Bacon, observing that all languages are built upon a common grammar, stated that they share a foundation of ontically anchored linguistic structures. ⁕Martin Heidegger posited the concept of Sorge, or caring, as the fundamental concept of the intentional being, and presupposed an ontological significance that distinguishes ontological being from mere "thinghood" of an ontic being. He uses the German word "Dasein" for a being that is capable of ontology, that is, recursively comprehending properties of the very fact of its own Being. ⁕Nicolai Hartmann distinguishes among ontology, ontics, and metaphysics: ontology concerns the categorical analysis of entities by means of the knowledge categories able to classify them. ontics refers to a pre-categorical and pre-objectual connection which is best expressed in the relation to transcendent acts and metaphysics is that part of ontics or that part of ontology which concerns the residue of being that cannot be rationalized further according to categories


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