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Princeton's WordNet

  1. navel, umbilicus, bellybutton, belly button, omphalos, omphalus(noun)

    a scar where the umbilical cord was attached

    "you were not supposed to show your navel on television"; "they argued whether or not Adam had a navel"; "she had a tattoo just above her bellybutton"


  1. omphalos(Noun)

    An ancient religious stone artifact, or baetylus, used to denote the direction of the "center" of the world.

  2. omphalos(Noun)

    The theological proposition that the world was created with certain indicia of a history which had not actually occurred (such as the humans who had never been connected to umbilical cords being created with navels).

  3. Origin: From ὀμφαλός.


  1. Omphalos

    An omphalos is a religious stone artifact, or baetylus. In Greek, the word omphalos means "navel". According to the ancient Greeks, Zeus sent out two eagles to fly across the world to meet at its center, the "navel" of the world. Omphalos stones used to denote this point were erected in several areas surrounding the Mediterranean Sea; the most famous of those was at the oracle at Delphi. It is also the name of the stone given to Cronus in Zeus' place in Greek mythology.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Omphalos

    om′fal-us, n. the navel: a raised central point: a boss.—adj. Omphal′ic.—ns. Om′phalism, tendency to place the capital of a country at its geographical centre, or to increase the powers of central at the expense of local government; Omphalī′tis, inflammation of the umbilicus; Om′phalocele, umbilical hernia.—adj. Om′phaloid.—ns. Om′phalomancy, divination from the number of knots in the navel-string as to how many children the mother will bear; Omphalop′agus, a double monster united at the umbilicus; Omphalot′omy, cutting of the umbilical cord at birth. [Gr., the navel.]

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