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Definitions for oblongˈɒbˌlɔŋ, -ˌlɒŋ

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. oblong(adj)

    a plane figure that deviates from a square or circle due to elongation

  2. oblong(adj)

    (of a leaf shape) having a somewhat elongated form with approximately parallel sides

  3. oblong(adj)

    deviating from a square or circle or sphere by being elongated in one direction


  1. oblong(Noun)

    Something with an oblong shape.

  2. oblong(Noun)

    A rectangle having length greater than width.

  3. oblong(Adjective)

    Describing something that is longer than it is wide.

  4. oblong(Adjective)

    Roughly rectangular or ellipsoidal.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Oblong(adj)

    having greater length than breadth, esp. when rectangular

  2. Oblong(noun)

    a rectangular figure longer than it is broad; hence, any figure longer than it is broad

  3. Origin: [L. oblongus; ob (see Ob-) + longus long: cf. F. oblong.]


  1. Oblong

    Oblong is a village in Crawford County, Illinois, United States. The population was 1,580 at the 2000 census. The village boasts itself as being "The Only Oblong" in the world. It is the home of the Illinois Oil Field Museum and Resource Center at Oblong, Illinois, a collection of early oilfield artifacts from the early days of the oil industry in the Illinois Basin and a resource center featuring a collection of early oil field records and resource books. Oblong also boasts the largest nighttime marching band parade competition in the state of Illinois. The annual parade caps off the Oblong "Fall Follies" fall festival and the event is attended each year by large crowds of people from all around the surrounding areas. Oblong has one public four year high school and one public grade school. In athletics, Oblong High School's teams are nicknamed the "Panthers" for boys and "Lady Panthers" for the girls. Oblong Grade School touts "Tigers" as the nickname for its athletic teams.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Oblong

    ob′long, adj. long in one way: longer than broad.—n. (geom.) a rectangle longer than broad: any oblong figure.—adj. Ob′longish.—adv. Ob′longly.—n. Ob′longness. [Fr.,—L. ob, over, longus, long.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of oblong in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of oblong in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Lee Swanson:

    It was oblong, egg-shaped, you could say, I think aluminum, with a cord coming out of it leading to a small plastic box that contained a battery.

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