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  1. nesting(Noun)

    The process by which a bird nests.

  2. nesting(Noun)

    The enclosure of one loop, block, etc. of code inside another.


  1. Nesting

    Nesting refers to the process of efficiently manufacturing parts from flat raw material. Companies manufacturing parts from flat raw material such as sheet metal use a variety of technologies to perform this task. The sheet metal nesting for flat sheets and nesting for coils are different algorithms. Material may be cut using off-line blanking dies, lasers, plasma, punches, shear blades, ultrasonic knives and even water jet cutters. In order to minimize the amount of scrap raw material produced by this process, companies use nesting software. The software analyses the parts to be produced at a particular time. Using proprietary algorithms, it then determines how to lay these parts out in such a way as to produce the required quantities of parts, while minimizing the amount of raw material wasted. A number of off-the-shelf nesting software address the optimization needs. While some cater to only rectangular nesting others also offer profile or shape nesting where the parts required can be any odd shape and not just rectangles. These irregular parts can be created using popular CAD tools. Most of the profile nesting software can read IGES or DXF profile files automatically, a few of them work with built-in converters.


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of nesting in Chaldean Numerology is: 8

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of nesting in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Vic Doig:

    When the birds are nesting there, the island is a chaotic, loud, busy place. All of a sudden, it’s like a ghost town.

  2. Deborah Nagin:

    Stoves and refrigerators both produce heat and moisture, and food debris can gather in both areas. Mice will use stove insulation for nesting materials as well.

  3. Ventana Wildlife Society:

    This pair of condors is suspected of nesting in a remote portion of the Ventana Wilderness in the Arroyo Seco drainage, biologists have never entered the nest because of the area's inaccessibility.

  4. Mariana Fuentes:

    We’re concerned we’re going to have a feminization of marine turtles, this study came from the need to understand the current sex ratio being produced at loggerhead nesting grounds to establish baseline parameters as climate change progresses and to identify beaches that produce a higher proportion of males.

  5. The Randy Rogers Band singer:

    Once you find out something is wrong with your baby, you’re scared to death. You don’t want to leave their side, chelsea was discharged from the hospital after just two days, but our nesting room enabled us to still be there for Rumer and hold her around the clock. You want to be there all the time, you want to know who is taking care of your kid, you want to speak to the doctors and nurses … This is something every hospital in the country should have, an amazing system of support set up for parents caring for a sick child, and it’s something Chelsea and I have become very passionate about.

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