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Princeton's WordNet

  1. mind, head, brain, psyche, nous(noun)

    that which is responsible for one's thoughts and feelings; the seat of the faculty of reason

    "his mind wandered"; "I couldn't get his words out of my head"

  2. mind(noun)

    recall or remembrance

    "it came to mind"

  3. judgment, judgement, mind(noun)

    an opinion formed by judging something

    "he was reluctant to make his judgment known"; "she changed her mind"

  4. thinker, creative thinker, mind(noun)

    an important intellectual

    "the great minds of the 17th century"

  5. mind(noun)


    "don't pay him any mind"

  6. mind, idea(noun)

    your intention; what you intend to do

    "he had in mind to see his old teacher"; "the idea of the game is to capture all the pieces"

  7. mind, intellect(verb)

    knowledge and intellectual ability

    "he reads to improve his mind"; "he has a keen intellect"

  8. mind(verb)

    be offended or bothered by; take offense with, be bothered by

    "I don't mind your behavior"

  9. mind(verb)

    be concerned with or about something or somebody

  10. take care, mind(verb)

    be in charge of or deal with

    "She takes care of all the necessary arrangements"

  11. heed, mind, listen(verb)

    pay close attention to; give heed to

    "Heed the advice of the old men"

  12. beware, mind(verb)

    be on one's guard; be cautious or wary about; be alert to

    "Beware of telephone salesmen"

  13. mind, bear in mind(verb)

    keep in mind


  1. mind(Noun)

    The ability for rational thought.

    Despite advancing age, his mind was still as sharp as ever.

  2. mind(Noun)

    The ability to be aware of things.

    There was no doubt in his mind that they would win.

  3. mind(Noun)

    The ability to remember things.

    My mind just went blank.

  4. mind(Noun)

    The ability to focus the thoughts.

    I canu2019t keep my mind on what Iu2019m doing.

  5. mind(Noun)

    Somebody that embodies certain mental qualities.

    He was one of historyu2019s greatest minds.

  6. mind(Noun)

    Judgment, opinion, or view.

    He changed his mind after hearing the speech.

  7. mind(Noun)

    Desire, inclination, or intention.

  8. mind(Noun)

    A healthy mental state.

  9. mind(Noun)

    The non-material substance or set of processes in which consciousness, feeling, thinking, and will are based.

  10. mind(Verb)

    To remember.

  11. mind(Verb)

    To concern oneself with, to pay attention to.

    You should mind your own business.

  12. mind(Verb)

    To dislike, to object to; to be bothered by.

    I wouldn't mind an ice cream right now.

  13. mind(Verb)

    To pay attention to; to listen attentively to, to obey.

  14. mind(Verb)

    To look after, to take care of, especially for a short period of time.

    Would you mind my bag for me?

  15. mind(Verb)

    To make sure, to take care (that).

    Mind you don't knock that glass over.

  16. mind(Verb)

    To be careful about.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Mind

    the intellectual or rational faculty in man; the understanding; the intellect; the power that conceives, judges, or reasons; also, the entire spiritual nature; the soul; -- often in distinction from the body

  2. Mind

    the state, at any given time, of the faculties of thinking, willing, choosing, and the like; psychical activity or state; as: (a) Opinion; judgment; belief

  3. Mind

    choice; inclination; liking; intent; will

  4. Mind

    courage; spirit

  5. Mind

    memory; remembrance; recollection; as, to have or keep in mind, to call to mind, to put in mind, etc

  6. Mind(noun)

    to fix the mind or thoughts on; to regard with attention; to treat as of consequence; to consider; to heed; to mark; to note

  7. Mind(noun)

    to occupy one's self with; to employ one's self about; to attend to; as, to mind one's business

  8. Mind(noun)

    to obey; as, to mind parents; the dog minds his master

  9. Mind(noun)

    to have in mind; to purpose

  10. Mind(noun)

    to put in mind; to remind

  11. Mind(verb)

    to give attention or heed; to obey; as, the dog minds well

  12. Origin: [AS. mynd, gemynd; akin to OHG. minna memory, love, G. minne love, Dan. minde mind, memory, remembrance, consent, vote, Sw. minne memory, Icel. minni, Goth. gamunds, L. mens, mentis, mind, Gr. me`nos, Skr. manas mind, man to think. 104, 278. Cf. Comment, Man, Mean, v., 3d Mental, Mignonette, Minion, Mnemonic, Money.]


  1. Mind

    Mind is a mental health charity in England and Wales. Founded in 1946 as the National Association for Mental Health, it celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2006. Mind offers information and advice to people with mental health problems and lobbies government and local authorities on their behalf. It also works to raise public awareness and understanding of issues relating to mental health. Since 1982, it has awarded an annual prize for "Book of the Year" having to do with mental health, in addition to three other prizes Over 180 local Mind associations provide services such as supported housing, floating support schemes, care homes, drop-in centres and self-help support groups. Local Mind associations are often very different in size, make up and character—it is a common misconception that they all work to the same policy and procedural framework. Mind is a national brand but all local associations are unique, although they do all sign up to certain shared aims and ethical guidelines.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Mind

    mīnd, n. the faculty by which we think, &c.: the understanding: the whole spiritual nature: memory: choice: intention: thoughts or sentiments: belief: cast of thought and feeling: (B.) disposition.—v.t. to attend to: to obey: (orig.) to remind: (Scot.) to remember.—v.i. (B.) to intend.—adj. Mind′ed, having a mind: disposed: determined.—ns. Mind′edness, inclination toward anything; Mind′er, a care-taker: one taken care of, as a pauper child by a private person.—adj. Mind′ful, bearing in mind: taking thought or care: attentive: observant.—adv. Mind′fully.—n. Mind′fulness.—adj. Mind′less, without mind: stupid.—n. Mind′-trans′ference, thought-transference.—Mind one's p's and q's, to be accurate and precise; Mind your eye (slang), take care what you are about.—Absence of mind, inattention to what is going on at the time; Bear in mind, to remember; Be out of one's mind, to be forgotten: to be insane; Have a mind, to wish or to be inclined strongly; Have half a mind, to be somewhat inclined; Lose, or Be out of, one's mind, to become insane; Make up one's mind, to determine; Month's mind, continual prayer on a dead person's behalf for a month after death, with masses esp. on 3d, 7th, and 30th days (also A monthly mind): any very strong desire or inclination; Never mind, do not concern yourself; Of one mind, agreed; Of two minds, uncertain what to think or do; Presence of mind, a state of calmness in which all the powers of the mind are on the alert and ready for action; Put in mind, to warn or remind; Year's mind, a commemorative service of a similar kind to the month's mind, on the anniversary of a death. [A.S. ge-myndmunan, to think; Ger. meinen, to think, L. mens, the mind.]

The Foolish Dictionary, by Gideon Wurdz

  1. MIND

    No matter. MATTER Never mind.

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'mind' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #435

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'mind' in Written Corpus Frequency: #379

  3. Nouns Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'mind' in Nouns Frequency: #130

  4. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'mind' in Verbs Frequency: #272


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of mind in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of mind in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. De Grasse:

    That's on my mind.

  2. Marco Rubio:

    I changed my mind.

  3. Anacharsis Cloots:

    Bad mind, bad heart.

  4. Cornelius Dupree:

    It's mind over matter.

  5. Donald Trump:

    I didn't mind surgical.

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  1. mindmindmind

Translations for mind

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • عقل, خَلَد, ذِّهْنArabic
  • ҡараш, иҫ, зиһен, аҡыл, аң, күңел, фекер, хәтерBashkir
  • ро́зумBelarusian
  • мисъл, акъл, ум, разумBulgarian
  • སེམསTibetan Standard
  • mentCatalan, Valencian
  • mysl, rozumCzech
  • indstilling, sind, sjælDanish
  • Geist, Wahrnehmung, Lust, Genie, Ansicht, Aufmerksamkeit, Gedächtnis, Konzentration, Gedanken, Bewusstsein, Meinung, Verstand, Zurechnungsfähigkeit, Verlangen, aufpassen, beachten, dagegen habenGerman
  • κρίση, διανοούμενος, διάνοια, νους, σύνεση, ιδιοσυγκρασία, πνεύμα, αυτοσυγκέντρωση, άποψη, μνήμη, μυαλό, χαρακτήρας, διαύγεια πνεύματος, μνημονικό, συνείδηση, γνώμη, στοχαστής, πνευματική υγεία, μεγαλοφυία, λογικότητα, δέν μέ πειράζει, νουGreek
  • mensoEsperanto
  • cordura, mente, juicio, concentración, opinión, propósito, voluntadSpanish
  • mõistus, meelEstonian
  • adimen, gogo, sen, buruBasque
  • ذهنPersian
  • järki, ymmärrys, mieli, huomioida, välittää, huolehtiaFinnish
  • esprit, déranger, prendre gardeFrench
  • meabhair, intinn, tabhair aire do, misteIrish
  • aireScottish Gaelic
  • menteGalician
  • מוח, שׂכל, רוּחַHebrew
  • मनHindi
  • elme, értelemHungarian
  • բանականություն, խելքArmenian
  • mentoIdo
  • menteItalian
  • 念頭, 精神, 知性, 心, マインドJapanese
  • ჭკუა, გონებაGeorgian
  • គំនិត, ចិត្ត, សតិ, គិតពិចារណាពូកែKhmer
  • 심성, 마음Korean
  • hîşKurdish
  • animus, mens, animum attendoLatin
  • ດວງຈິດLao
  • protasLithuanian
  • apziņa, prātsLatvian
  • ihomatua, hinengaroMāori
  • മനസ്Malayalam
  • စိတ်Burmese
  • geheugen, denkvermogen, geest, rede, psyche, verstand, aandacht schenken aan, passen op, letten opDutch
  • intellekt, innstilling, bevissthet, forstand, konsentrasjon, hukommelse, intensjon, minne, hensikt, ånd, tenker, bry seg om, passe på, ha imot, huske, sinnNorwegian
  • bíniʼNavajo, Navaho
  • esperit, mentOccitan
  • rozum, umysłPolish
  • mente, importar-se, tomar conta, cuidarPortuguese
  • minte, nebun, memorie, judecată, concentrare, atenție, fi atent, păsaRomanian
  • взгляд, ра́зум, ум, расположение духа, мне́ние, па́мять, настроение, точка зрения, рассу́док, присма́тривать, име́ть в виду́, обраща́ть внима́ние, возрази́ть, заботиться, обрати́ть внима́ние, возража́ть, присмотре́ть, следи́тьRussian
  • mente, mentiSardinian
  • um, ум, razum, разумSerbo-Croatian
  • myslenie, myseľ, rozumSlovak
  • mendjeAlbanian
  • medvetande, böjelse, förstånd, mening, själ, intellekt, geni, åsikt, minne, snille, önskan, koncentration, håg, tanke, sinne, psyke, avsikt, lust, inställning, ande, sköta om, tänka, se upp, fästa, ge akt, bekymra, se till, ha emot, bry, sköta, akta, ta hand om, hålla koll, se efter, komma ihågSwedish
  • మనోబలము, తీర్పు, అభిప్రయము, ధారణా శక్తి, జడ్జి, వేదాంతం, కోరిక, అభిప్రాయము, విభేదించుTelugu
  • zihin, akıl, usTurkish
  • ро́зумUkrainian
  • ذہنUrdu
  • tinh thần, lí tríVietnamese
  • גייַסטYiddish
  • 头脑Chinese

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