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Definitions for magnetometerˌmæg nɪˈtɒm ɪ tər

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. magnetometer, gaussmeter(noun)

    a meter to compare strengths of magnetic fields


  1. magnetometer(Noun)

    An instrument used to measure the intensity and direction of a magnetic field, especially at points on the Earth's surface.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Magnetometer(noun)

    an instrument for measuring the intensity of magnetic forces; also, less frequently, an instrument for determining any of the terrestrial magnetic elements, as the dip and declination

  2. Origin: [Magneto- + -meter: cf. F. magntomtre.]


  1. Magnetometer

    A magnetometer is a measuring instrument used to measure the strength and, in some cases, the direction of magnetic fields. The first magnetometer was invented by Carl Friedrich Gauss in 1833 and notable developments in the 19th century included the Hall Effect which is still widely used. Magnetometers can be divided into scalar devices which only measure the intensity of the field and vector devices which also measure the direction of the field. Magnetometers are widely used for measuring the Earth's magnetic fields and in geophysical surveys to detect magnetic anomalies of various types. They are also used militarily to detect submarines. Consequently some countries, such as the USA, Canada and Australia classify the more sensitive magnetometers as military technology, and control their distribution. Magnetometers can be used as metal detectors: they can detect only magnetic metals, but can detect such metals at a much larger depth than conventional metal detectors; they are capable of detecting large objects, such as cars, at tens of meters, while a metal detector's range is rarely more than 2 meters. In recent years magnetometers have been miniaturised to the extent that they can be incorporated in integrated circuits at very low cost and are finding increasing use as compasses in consumer devices such as mobile phones and tablet computers.

The Standard Electrical Dictionary

  1. Magnetometer

    (a) A reflecting galvanometer, with heavy magnetic needle, dampened by a copper frame. It was devised by Weber. (b) An apparatus for measuring the intensity of magnetic force. It may consist of a magnet suspended by bifilar or by torsion suspension. A reflecting mirror and scale as in the reflecting galvanometer may be used to act as indicator of its motions. It is used in investigations of the intensity of the earth's field. If the motions of the spot of light are received on a moving strip of sensitized paper and are thereby reproduced photographically, the instrument is self-recording. Such an apparatus is used in the Kew Observatory, Eng., for recording the terrestrial magnetic elements.


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