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Princeton's WordNet

  1. machismo(noun)

    exaggerated masculinity


  1. machismo(n.)

    A strong, and by some considered exaggerated, sense of manly pride, associated with an attitude that the proper expression of masculinity includes virility, courage, and an entitlement to dominate, especially over women.

  2. machismo(n.)

    An exaggerated sense of power entitling one to dominate others; as, the civilian authorities occasionally need to rein in the military's machismo.


  1. machismo(Noun)

    exaggerated masculinity

  2. Origin: First attested 1940, from American machismo, from macho, + suffix -ismo.


  1. Machismo

    Machismo, or machoism is a word derived from Spanish and Portuguese, where it has the meaning of a belief in the supremacy of men over women. However, in English the word means instead the sense of being macho or manly. The word "macho" has a long history in Spain. "Macho" in Spanish is a strictly masculine term, derived from the Latin "masculus" meaning male. Macho men are to have bravery, courage and strength as well as wisdom and leadership. "Ser macho" is something all boys are to aspire to. During the mid 20th century, the term "machismo" began to be criticized by Americans and ridiculed in literature, television and film. The stereotypical Latino immigrant was described as an oversexed, overly aggressive, "macho" loser. During the women's liberation movement of the 1960s and 70s, the term began to be used by feminists to describe male aggression and violence. The term was used by Latina feminists and scholars to criticize the patriarchal structure of gendered relations in Latino communities. Their goal was to describe a particular Latin American brand of patriarchy. The English word "machismo" derives from the identical Spanish and Portuguese word. Spanish and Portuguese machismo refers to the assumption that masculinity is superior to femininity, a concept similar to R. W Connell's Hegemonic masculinity, Presently in the sense that supposed feminine traits among males are to be deemed undesirable, socially reprovable or deviations. Gender roles make an important part of human identity as we conduct our identities through our historical and current social actions . Machismo's attitudes and behaviours may be frowned upon or encouraged at various degrees in societies or subcultures –, albeit it is associated with more misogynistic undertones, primarily in present views on the past.


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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Trevanian from the novel "Shibumi":

    It was not their irritating assumption of equality that annoyed Nicholai so much as their cultural confusions. The Americans seemed to confuse standard of living with quality of life, equal opportunity with institutionalized mediocrity, bravery with courage, machismo with manhood, liberty with freedom, wordiness with articulation, fun with pleasure - in short, all of the misconceptions common to those who assume that justice implies equality for all, rather than equality for equals.

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