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  1. luser(Noun)

    A person who does not have the ability to use computers.

  2. luser(Noun)

    A user (especially in IRC) who disobeys the rules of the servers that he or she is using and usually resorts to disruptive or offensive behavior/behaviour.

  3. Origin: or of local and user


  1. luser

    In Internet slang, a luser is a painfully annoying, stupid, or irritating computer user. It is a portmanteau of "loser" and "user". In hackish, the word luser takes on a broad meaning, referring to any normal user, with the implication the person is also a loser. The term is interchangeable with the hackish term lamer. It can also signify a layman with only user account privileges, as opposed to a power user or administrator, who have knowledge of, and access to, superuser accounts. For example, The Sysadmin doesn't trust the end luser with a root account password. This term is very popular with technical support staff who have to deal with lusers as part of their job, often metaphorically employing a LART

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. luser

    [common] A user; esp. one who is also a loser. (luser and loser are pronounced identically.) This word was coined around 1975 at MIT. Under ITS, when you first walked up to a terminal at MIT and typed Control-Z to get the computer's attention, it printed out some status information, including how many people were already using the computer; it might print “14 users”, for example. Someone thought it would be a great joke to patch the system to print “14 losers” instead. There ensued a great controversy, as some of the users didn't particularly want to be called losers to their faces every time they used the computer. For a while several hackers struggled covertly, each changing the message behind the back of the others; any time you logged into the computer it was even money whether it would say “users” or “losers”. Finally, someone tried the compromise “lusers”, and it stuck. Later one of the ITS machines supported luser as a request-for-help command. ITS died the death in mid-1990, except as a museum piece; the usage lives on, however, and the term luser is often seen in program comments and on Usenet. Compare mundane, muggle, newbie, chainik.

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  1. lures

  2. rules


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    The numerical value of luser in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

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    The numerical value of luser in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

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