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Princeton's WordNet

  1. lotion(noun)

    any of various cosmetic preparations that are applied to the skin

  2. lotion, application(noun)

    liquid preparation having a soothing or antiseptic or medicinal action when applied to the skin

    "a lotion for dry skin"


  1. lotion(Noun)

    A low- to medium-viscosity topical preparation intended for application to unbroken skin.

  2. lotion(Noun)

    A washing, especially of the skin for the purpose of beautification.

  3. lotion(Verb)

    To cover or treat with a lotion.

  4. Origin: From lotio, from lavare; see lave.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lotion(noun)

    a washing, especially of the skin for the purpose of rendering it fair

  2. Lotion(noun)

    a liquid preparation for bathing the skin, or an injured or diseased part, either for a medicinal purpose, or for improving its appearance

  3. Origin: [L. lotio, fr. lavare, lotum, to wash: cf. F. lotion. See Lave to wash.]


  1. Lotion

    A lotion is a low- to medium-viscosity topical preparation intended for application to unbroken skin. By contrast, creams and gels have higher viscosity. Lotions are applied to external skin with bare hands, a clean cloth, cotton wool or gauze. Many lotions, especially hand lotions and body lotions are formulated not as a medicine delivery system, but simply to smooth, re-hydrate, and soften the skin. These are particularly popular with the aging and aged demographic groups, and in the case of face usage, can also be classified as a cosmetic in many cases, and may contain fragrances. Most lotions are oil-in-water emulsions using a substance such as cetearyl alcohol to keep the emulsion together, but water-in-oil lotions are also formulated. The key components of a skin care lotion, cream or gel emulsion are the aqueous and oily phases, an emulgent to prevent separation of these two phases, and, if used, the drug substance or substances. A wide variety of other ingredients such as fragrances, glycerol, petroleum jelly, dyes, preservatives, proteins and stabilizing agents are commonly added to lotions. Lotions can be used for the delivery to the skin of medications such as:

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Lotion

    lō′shun, n. a liquid preparation for healing or cleansing any diseased or bruised part. [Fr.,—L.,—lavāre lotum, to wash.]

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    The numerical value of lotion in Chaldean Numerology is: 9

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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Sapna Westley:

    If you’re itchy in between applications, you can use calamine lotion.

  2. Spaniard Alonso:

    I need to be a little bit more prepared next time in Abu Dhabi( the final race of the season in two weeks' time), take the telephone and the sun tanning( lotion) or something, it was quite hot out there.

  3. Roopal Kundu:

    We recommend you buy a sunscreen lotion labeled ‘broad spectrum protection’ -- which helps to protect against both types of UV rays -- with an SPF of 30 or higher that is also water resistant, sPF 30 blocks 97 percent of the UVB radiation. But, you need to reapply it every two hours, using about a shot glass full of lotion over your exposed skin, for the best results.

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