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læst, lɑstlast

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. stopping point, finale, finis, finish, last, conclusion, closenoun

    the temporal end; the concluding time

    "the stopping point of each round was signaled by a bell"; "the market was up at the finish"; "they were playing better at the close of the season"

  2. lastnoun

    the last or lowest in an ordering or series

    "he was the last to leave"; "he finished an inglorious last"

  3. lastnoun

    a person's dying act; the final thing a person can do

    "he breathed his last"

  4. death, lastnoun

    the time at which life ends; continuing until dead

    "she stayed until his death"; "a struggle to the last"

  5. lastnoun

    a unit of weight equal to 4,000 pounds

  6. lastnoun

    a unit of capacity for grain equal to 80 bushels

  7. end, last, final stagenoun

    the concluding parts of an event or occurrence

    "the end was exciting"; "I had to miss the last of the movie"

  8. last, shoemaker's last, cobbler's lastadjective

    holding device shaped like a human foot that is used to fashion or repair shoes

  9. last(a)adjective

    immediately past

    "last Thursday"; "the last chapter we read"

  10. lastadjective

    coming after all others in time or space or degree or being the only one remaining

    "the last time I saw Paris"; "the last day of the month"; "had the last word"; "waited until the last minute"; "he raised his voice in a last supreme call"; "the last game of the season"; "down to his last nickel"

  11. concluding, final, last, terminaladjective

    occurring at or forming an end or termination

    "his concluding words came as a surprise"; "the final chapter"; "the last days of the dinosaurs"; "terminal leave"

  12. lastadjective

    most unlikely or unsuitable

    "the last person we would have suspected"; "the last man they would have chosen for the job"

  13. lastadjective

    occurring at the time of death

    "his last words"; "the last rites"

  14. final, last, netadjective

    conclusive in a process or progression

    "the final answer"; "a last resort"; "the net result"

  15. last, utmostadjective

    highest in extent or degree

    "to the last measure of human endurance"; "whether they were accomplices in the last degree or a lesser one was...to be determined individually"

  16. final, lastadjective

    not to be altered or undone

    "the judge's decision is final"; "the arbiter will have the last say"

  17. last, last-place, lowestverb

    lowest in rank or importance

    "last prize"; "in last place"

  18. last, endureverb

    persist for a specified period of time

    "The bad weather lasted for three days"

  19. survive, last, live, live on, go, endure, hold up, hold outadverb

    continue to live through hardship or adversity

    "We went without water and food for 3 days"; "These superstitions survive in the backwaters of America"; "The race car driver lived through several very serious accidents"; "how long can a person last without food and water?"

  20. lastadverb


    "I saw him last in London"

  21. last, lastly, in conclusion, finallyadverb

    the item at the end

    "last, I'll discuss family values"


  1. Last

    A last is a mechanical form shaped like a human foot. It is used by shoemakers and cordwainers in the manufacture and repair of shoes. Lasts typically come in pairs and have been made from various materials, including hardwoods, cast iron, and high-density plastics.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Last

    of Last, to endure, contracted from lasteth

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  2. Lastadjective

    being after all the others, similarly classed or considered, in time, place, or order of succession; following all the rest; final; hindmost; farthest; as, the last year of a century; the last man in a line of soldiers; the last page in a book; his last chance

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  3. Lastadjective

    next before the present; as, I saw him last week

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  4. Lastadjective

    supreme; highest in degree; utmost

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  5. Lastadjective

    lowest in rank or degree; as, the last prize

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  6. Lastadjective

    farthest of all from a given quality, character, or condition; most unlikely; having least fitness; as, he is the last person to be accused of theft

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  7. Lastadjective

    at a time or on an occasion which is the latest of all those spoken of or which have occurred; the last time; as, I saw him last in New York

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  8. Lastadjective

    in conclusion; finally

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  9. Lastadjective

    at a time next preceding the present time

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  10. Lastverb

    to continue in time; to endure; to remain in existence

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  11. Lastverb

    to endure use, or continue in existence, without impairment or exhaustion; as, this cloth lasts better than that; the fuel will last through the winter

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  12. Lastverb

    a wooden block shaped like the human foot, on which boots and shoes are formed

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  13. Lastverb

    to shape with a last; to fasten or fit to a last; to place smoothly on a last; as, to last a boot

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  14. Lastnoun

    a load; a heavy burden; hence, a certain weight or measure, generally estimated at 4,000 lbs., but varying for different articles and in different countries. In England, a last of codfish, white herrings, meal, or ashes, is twelve barrels; a last of corn, ten quarters, or eighty bushels, in some parts of England, twenty-one quarters; of gunpowder, twenty-four barrels, each containing 100 lbs; of red herrings, twenty cades, or 20,000; of hides, twelve dozen; of leather, twenty dickers; of pitch and tar, fourteen barrels; of wool, twelve sacks; of flax or feathers, 1,700 lbs

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]

  15. Lastnoun

    the burden of a ship; a cargo

    Etymology: [See Last, a.]


  1. Last

    A last is a mechanical form that has a shape similar to that of a human foot. It is used by shoemakers and cordwainers in the manufacture and repair of shoes. Lasts typically come in pairs, and have been made from various materials, including hardwoods, cast iron, and, high density plastics.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Last

    last, n. a wooden mould of the foot on which boots and shoes are made.—v.t. to fit with a last.—n. Last′er, one who fits the parts of shoes to lasts: a tool for doing so. [A.S. lást, a trace.]

  2. Last

    last, v.i. to continue, endure: to escape failure: remain fresh, unimpaired.—adj. Last′ing, permanent, durable.—n. endurance.—adv. Last′ingly.—n. Last′ingness. [A.S. lǽstan, to keep a track. See foregoing word.]

  3. Last

    last, n. a load, cargo, a weight generally estimated at 4000 lb., but varying in different articles.—n. Last′age, the lading of a ship: room for stowing goods in a ship: a duty formerly paid for the right of carrying goods, &c. [A.S. hlæsthladan, to load; Ger. last, Ice. hlass.]

  4. Last

    last, adj. latest: coming after all the others: final: next before the present: utmost: meanest: most improbable or unlikely—also adv.n. Last′-court, a court held by the jurats in the marshes of Kent to fix rates chargeable for the preservation of these—also Last.—adv. Last′ly.—Last day (Scot.), yesterday; Last heir (Eng. law), he to whom lands come by escheat for want of lawful heirs.—At last, in conclusion (this from A.S. on lást, therefore not from late at all, but from last (1), which is the A.S. lást, a trace); Breathe one's last, to die; Die in the last ditch, to fight to the bitter end; First and last, altogether; On one's last legs, on the verge of utter failure or exhaustion; Put the last hand to, to finish, put the finishing touch to; The last cast (see Cast); The last day, the Day of Judgment; The last days, times (B.), the period when the end of the world draws near; To the last, to the end: till death. [A contr. of latest.]

Dictionary of Nautical Terms

  1. last

    A dry measure containing 80 bushels of corn. A cargo. A weight of 4000 lbs. A last of cod or white herrings is 12 barrels. Last, or ship-last, a Swedish weight of 2 tons.

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British National Corpus

  1. Spoken Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'last' in Spoken Corpus Frequency: #122

  2. Written Corpus Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'last' in Written Corpus Frequency: #162

  3. Verbs Frequency

    Rank popularity for the word 'last' in Verbs Frequency: #388

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of last in Chaldean Numerology is: 2

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of last in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Examples of last in a Sentence

  1. Irwin Redlener:

    It's rarely going to be a direct cause-and-effect, a storm would not cause a well-balanced kid to kill themselves. But this is mostly worrisome for the vulnerable children -- that is, (children) who have had some preexisting challenges like depression ... Kids who tend to be loners and not very communicative. Kids with other types of mental health conditions ... This is the last straw.

  2. Franciene Sabens:

    You don't know when you wake up today what else will be taken away, i feel like, missing this last quarter of school, our teachers had a lot planned for us ; I could be missing something as a life lesson.

  3. Howard Penney:

    They've been posting industry-leading same-store sales growth for the last five years while reducing labor costs - a trend that can't continue.

  4. Jean Lee:

    It's only been recently that they've had the ability to really track what we do outside the country, the last couple years they've gotten much better at using the Internet to keep track of the people that they interact with.

  5. Prof.Salam Al Shereida:

    Never give in. Storms make people stronger and never last forever.

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Translations for last

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • آخر, استمر, استغرقArabic
  • sonAzerbaijani
  • мінулы, апошніBelarusian
  • последенBulgarian
  • minulý, vydržet, nakonec, poslední, trvatCzech
  • senest, sidst, sidsteDanish
  • Leisten, letzter, zuletzt, anhalten, aushalten, andauern, dauern, letzteGerman
  • τελευταίοςGreek
  • lastaEsperanto
  • durar, último, aguantarSpanish
  • viimaneEstonian
  • آخَرPersian
  • lesti, viimeinen, kestää, viimeFinnish
  • síðsturFaroese
  • dernier, finalement, durer, en dernierFrench
  • seo caite, mairIrish
  • seas, seo chaidh, deireannach, ceap, mair, mu dheireadhScottish Gaelic
  • últimoGalician
  • אחרון, שעברHebrew
  • टिकना, पिछला, बना रहना, आखिरी, जूते बनाने का फर्म, सब के अंत में, अंतिमHindi
  • kaptafa, utolsó, kitart, tartHungarian
  • վերջին, դիմանալ, տևել, վերջումArmenian
  • ultimeInterlingua
  • terakhirIndonesian
  • lasta, durarIdo
  • síðastIcelandic
  • durare, ultimo, infine, più recente, alla fine, per ultimo, resistereItalian
  • 終わり, 継続, 最終的, 最後, 続くJapanese
  • ბოლოGeorgian
  • ақырғы, соңғыKazakh
  • ចុងក្រោយ, ចុងបំផុត, មុន, ជាប់យូរKhmer
  • 마지막Korean
  • درێژ کێشانKurdish
  • акыркы, кийинки, соңкуKyrgyz
  • novissimus, ultimusLatin
  • dauerenLuxembourgish, Letzeburgesch
  • paskutinisLithuanian
  • pēdējaisLatvian
  • последен, издржува, последен пат, истрајуваMacedonian
  • l-aħħarMaltese
  • laatst, leest, last, afgelopen, duren, volhouden, vorigDutch
  • senest, nyest, sistNorwegian
  • фӕстагOssetian, Ossetic
  • ubiegły, ostatni, zeszły, trwaćPolish
  • forma, último, resistir, durar, aguentar, [[por]] [[último]]Portuguese
  • ultim, duraRomanian
  • колодка, минувший, продолжаться, последний, в последний раз, прошлый, продержаться, конечный, длиться, недавний, предыдущийRussian
  • последњи, poslednji, posljednji, zadnji, задњи, прошли, prošli, посљедњи, konačniSerbo-Croatian
  • අන්තිම, අවසානSinhala, Sinhalese
  • posledný, napokon, naposledy, trvať, minulýSlovak
  • obstati, prejšnji, poslednji, končni, zadnji, trajatiSlovene
  • sist, förra, läst, vara, fortfara, slutligen, senastSwedish
  • పోయిన, కిందటి, చివరి, ఆఖరిTelugu
  • охирTajik
  • สุดท้ายThai
  • ahyrky, soňkyTurkmen
  • nihayet, son, sonuncu, son olarak, sonundaTurkish
  • минулий, останнійUkrainian
  • آخریUrdu
  • keyingiUzbek
  • cuối cùngVietnamese

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