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Princeton's WordNet

  1. gill, lamella(noun)

    any of the radiating leaflike spore-producing structures on the underside of the cap of a mushroom or similar fungus

  2. lamella(noun)

    a thin membrane that is one of the calcified layers that form bones

  3. lamella(noun)

    thin plate


  1. lamella(Noun)

    a thin, plate-like structure

  2. lamella(Noun)

    the gill of a mushroom.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Lamella(noun)

    a thin plate or scale of anything, as a thin scale growing from the petals of certain flowers; or one of the thin plates or scales of which certain shells are composed

  2. Origin: [L. lamella, dim. of lamina plate, leaf, layer: cf. F. lamelle. Cf. Lamina, Omelet.]


  1. Lamella

    A lamella is a thin plate-like structure, often one amongst many lamellae very close to one another, with open space between. Aside from respiratory organs, they appear in other biological roles including filter feeding, the traction surfaces of geckos, and chloroplast membranes where high permeability is important. In fish gills there are two types of lamellae, primary and secondary. The primary gill lamellae come out of the interbranchial septum to increase the contact area between the water and the blood capillaries. The secondary gill lamellae are small lamellae that come out of the primary ones and are used to further increase the contact area. Both types of lamellae are used to increase the amount of oxygen intake of the blood. Both types of lamellae contain huge amounts of capillaries and are the sites where the exchange of oxygen from the water and carbon dioxide from the blood occurs. Lamellae may also refer to the concentric circles around the central Haversian canals in the osteon of the bones.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Lamella

    lä-mel′a, n. a thin plate or scale:—pl. Lamell′æ.—adjs. Lam′ellar, Lam′ellate.—n.pl. Lamellibranchiā′ta, a class of shell-fishes or molluscs in which the shell consists of two limy plates, lying one on each side of the body.—adjs. Lamellibranch′iate; Lamell′icorn.—n.pl. Lamellicor′nes, a very numerous family of beetles—the cockchafer, &c.—adjs. Lamellif′erous, producing lamellæ; Lamell′iform, lamellar in form; Lamelliros′tral, having a lamellose bill; Lam′ellose, full of lamellæ, lamellated in structure. [L.]


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