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Princeton's WordNet

  1. jute(noun)

    a plant fiber used in making rope or sacks

  2. Jute(noun)

    a member of a Germanic people who conquered England and merged with the Angles and Saxons to become Anglo-Saxons


  1. jute(Noun)

    The coarse, strong fiber of the East Indian plant, Corchorus olitorius, used to make mats, paper, gunny cloth etc.

  2. jute(Noun)

    The plants from which this fibre is obtained.

  3. Jute(Noun)

    A member of the Germanic tribe that existed in modern-day Denmark that invaded England about the same time as the Angles and the Saxons in the beginning of the Middle Ages, but were eventually either consumed culturally or driven out of the island.

  4. Origin: From plural Jutae, Juti (in Bede), corresponding to Old English Ēotas, Īotas. Ultimately from eutaz.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jute(noun)

    the coarse, strong fiber of the East Indian Corchorus olitorius, and C. capsularis; also, the plant itself. The fiber is much used for making mats, gunny cloth, cordage, hangings, paper, etc

  2. Origin: [Hind. jt, Skr. ja matted hair; cf. jaa matted hair, fibrous roots.]


  1. Jute

    Jute is a long, soft, shiny vegetable fiber that can be spun into coarse, strong threads. It is produced from plants in the genus Corchorus, which was once classified with the family Tiliaceae, more recently with Malvaceae, and has now been reclassified as belonging to the family Sparrmanniaceae. "Jute" is name of the plant or fiber that is used to make burlap, Hessian or gunny cloth. Jute is one of the most affordable natural fibers and is second only to cotton in amount produced and variety of uses of vegetable fibers. Jute fibers are composed primarily of the plant materials cellulose and lignin. It falls into the bast fiber category along with kenaf, industrial hemp, flax, ramie, etc. The industrial term for jute fiber is raw jute. The fibers are off-white to brown, and 1–4 metres long.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Jute

    jōōt, n. the fibre of an Indian plant resembling hemp, used in the manufacture of coarse bags, mats, &c. [Orissa jhot, Sans. jhat.]

Editors Contribution

  1. jute

    A type of plant cultivated for a variety of purposes and the natural fiber from this plant used for a variety of purposes.

    Jute is the second most important vegetable fiber after cotton due to its versatility.[14] Jute is used chiefly to make cloth for wrapping bales of raw cotton, and to make sacks and coarse cloth. The fibers are also woven into curtains, chair coverings, carpets, area rugs, hessian cloth, and backing for linoleum.

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    The numerical value of jute in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

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    The numerical value of jute in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

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