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Princeton's WordNet

  1. junket(noun)

    dessert made of sweetened milk coagulated with rennet

  2. excursion, jaunt, outing, junket, pleasure trip, expedition, sashay(noun)

    a journey taken for pleasure

    "many summer excursions to the shore"; "it was merely a pleasure trip"; "after cautious sashays into the field"

  3. junket(verb)

    a trip taken by an official at public expense

  4. junketeer, junket(verb)

    go on a pleasure trip

  5. feast, banquet, junket(verb)

    provide a feast or banquet for

  6. feast, banquet, junket(verb)

    partake in a feast or banquet


  1. Junket(n.)

    A trip made at the expense of an organization of which the traveller is an official, ostensibly to obtain information relevant to one's duties; especially, a trip made by a public official at government expense. The term is sometimes used opprobriously, from a belief that such trips are often taken for private pleasure, and are therefore a waste of public money; as, a congressional junket to a tropical country.

  2. Origin: [Formerly also juncate, fr. It. giuncata cream cheese, made in a wicker or rush basket, fr. L. juncus a rush. See 2d Junk, and cf. Juncate.]


  1. junket(Noun)

    A basket.

  2. junket(Noun)

    A type of cream cheese, originally made in a rush basket; later, a food made of sweetened curds or rennet.

  3. junket(Noun)

    A feast or banquet.

  4. junket(Noun)

    A pleasure-trip; a journey made for feasting or enjoyment, now especially a trip made ostensibly for business but which entails merrymaking or entertainment.

  5. junket(Noun)

    20-40 table gaming rooms for which the capacity and limits change daily. Junket rooms are often rented out to private vendors who run tour groups through them and give a portion of the proceeds to the main casino.

  6. junket(Verb)

    To go on or attend a junket.

  7. Origin: Origin uncertain.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Junket(noun)

    a cheese cake; a sweetmeat; any delicate food

  2. Junket(noun)

    a feast; an entertainment

  3. Junket(verb)

    to feast; to banquet; to make an entertainment; -- sometimes applied opprobriously to feasting by public officers at the public cost

  4. Junket(verb)

    to give entertainment to; to feast

  5. Origin: [Formerly also juncate, fr. It. giuncata cream cheese, made in a wicker or rush basket, fr. L. juncus a rush. See 2d Junk, and cf. Juncate.]


  1. Junket

    Junket is a milk-based dessert, made with sweetened milk and rennet, the digestive enzyme which curdles milk. It might best be described as a custard or a very soft, sweetened cheese. To make junket, milk is heated to approximately body temperature and the rennet, which has been dissolved in water, is mixed in to cause the milk to "set". The dessert is chilled prior to serving. Junket is often served with a sprinkling of grated nutmeg on top. For most of the 20th century in the eastern United States, junket was often a preferred food for ill children, mostly due to its sweetness and ease of digestion. The same was true in the United Kingdom where, in medieval times, junket had been a food of the nobility made with cream, not milk, and flavored with rosewater and spices as well as sugar. It started to fall from favour during the Tudor era, being replaced by syllabubs on fashionable banqueting tables and, by the 18th century, had become an everyday food sold in the streets. In the United States, junket is commonly made with a prepackaged mix of rennet and sweetener from a company eponymously known as Junket.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Junket

    jung′ket, n. any sweetmeat or delicacy: curds mixed with cream, sweetened and flavoured: a feast or merrymaking, a picnic, a spree.—v.i. to feast, banquet, take part in a convivial entertainment or spree.—v.t. to feast, regale, entertain:—pr.p. junketing; pa.p. jun′keted.n. Junk′eting, a merry feast or entertainment, picnicking. [It. guincata—L. juncus, a rush.]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of junket in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

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    The numerical value of junket in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Ralph Recto:

    There are junket operators who are from Macau, so it (the money) may find its way back to Macau.

  2. David Dean Rusk:

    Give a member of Congress a junket and a mimeograph machine and he thinks he is secretary of state.

  3. Ben Lee:

    This is a test case of a casino going under the radar that is doing extremely well, there is no other destination I know where the junket and casino organise 25 charter flights a week from China.

  4. Ben Lee:

    This is a test case of a casino going under the radar that is doing extremely well, there is no other destination I know where the junket and casino organize 25 charter flights a week from China.

  5. Grant Govertsen:

    While we do not believe Neptune is leaving the Macau scene we do believe that more junket closures are likely and that liquidity could increasingly become a concern that could drive further downside to the VIP story.

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Translations for junket

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • vuelta, garbeoSpanish
  • huviretki, vanukasFinnish
  • festoyer, fête, troisième mi-temps, banquet, ballade, caillé, virée, fromage blanc, excursion, banqueterFrench
  • passeggiata, gitaItalian
  • snoepreisje, uitje, platte kaas, speelzaal, feestmaal, goktent, banketDutch
  • увеселительная поездка за казённый счёт, веселиться, устраивать праздник, приятная поездка, пировать, совершить приятную прогулкуRussian
  • fest, kalasSwedish

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