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Definitions for jiffyˈdʒɪf i; dʒɪf

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. blink of an eye, flash, heartbeat, instant, jiffy, split second, trice, twinkling, wink, New York minute(noun)

    a very short time (as the time it takes the eye to blink or the heart to beat)

    "if I had the chance I'd do it in a flash"


  1. jiffy(Noun)

    A very short, unspecified length of time.

    I'll be back in a jiffy.

  2. jiffy(Noun)

    A unit of time defined by the frequency of its basic timer; historically, and by convention, 0.01 seconds, but some operating systems use other values.

  3. jiffy(Noun)

    The time taken for light to travel one centimetre in a vacuum (sometimes one foot, or sometimes the width of a nucleon)

  4. jiffy(Noun)

    The time between alternating current power cycles (1/60 or 1/50 of a second)

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jiffy(noun)

    a moment; an instant; as, I will be ready in a jiffy

  2. Origin: [Perh. corrupt. fr. gliff.]


  1. Jiffy

    Jiffy is an informal term for any unspecified short period of time, as in "I'll be back in a jiffy". From this it has acquired a number of more precise applications for short, very short, or extremely short periods of time. First attested in 1785, the word's origin is unclear, though one suggestion is that it was thieves' cant for lightning.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Jiffy

    jif′fi, n. (coll.) an instant.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. jiffy

    1. The duration of one tick of the system clock on your computer (see tick). Often one AC cycle time (1/60 second in the U.S. and Canada, 1/50 most other places), but more recently 1/100 sec has become common. “The swapper runs every 6 jiffies” means that the virtual memory management routine is executed once for every 6 ticks of the clock, or about ten times a second. 2. Confusingly, the term is sometimes also used for a 1-millisecond wall time interval. 3. Even more confusingly, physicists semi-jokingly use ‘jiffy’ to mean the time required for light to travel one foot in a vacuum, which turns out to be close to one nanosecond. Other physicists use the term for the quantum-nechanical lower bound on meaningful time lengths, 4. Indeterminate time from a few seconds to forever. “I'll do it in a jiffy” means certainly not now and possibly never. This is a bit contrary to the more widespread use of the word. Oppose nano. See also Real Soon Now.


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