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Princeton's WordNet

  1. Jesuitism, Jesuitry(noun)

    the theology or the practices of the Jesuits (often considered to be casuistic)


  1. Jesuitism(Noun)

    The principles and practices of the Jesuits.

  2. Jesuitism(Noun)

    Cunning; deceit; subtle argument.

  3. Origin: Compare jésuitisme.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Jesuitism(noun)

    the principles and practices of the Jesuits

  2. Jesuitism(noun)

    cunning; deceit; deceptive practices to effect a purpose; subtle argument; -- an opprobrious use of the word

  3. Origin: [Cf. F. jsuitisme.]


  1. Jesuitism

    Jesuitism is a label given to particular casuistic approach to moral questions and problems often described by the adjective jesuitical, so called because it was promoted by some Jesuits of the 17th century rather than being the beliefs of the Society of Jesus as a religious order. The word seems to have been used for the first time in 1622. Jesuitism is not a systematically developed Moral Theology school, but some Jesuit theologians, in view of promoting personal responsibility and the respect of freedom of conscience, stressed the importance of the 'case by case' approach to personal moral decisions and ultimately developed and accepted a casuistry where at the time of decision, individual inclinations were more important than the moral law itself. It has been described as an attempt to achieve holy ends by unholy means. Blaise Pascal, the French mathematician, religious philosopher and Jansenist sympathiser, vigorously attacked the moral laxism of such Jesuits in his famous Lettres provinciales of 1656-57. It is also at odds with official Church doctrine. Although Vatican II does stress the primacy of conscience.

The Nuttall Encyclopedia

  1. Jesuitism

    popularly regarded as an attempt to achieve holy ends by unholy means, but really and radically the apotheosis of falsehood and unreality to the dethronement of faith in the true, the genuine and the real, a deliberate shutting of the eyes to the truth, a belief in a lie in the name of God, a belief in symbols and formulas as in themselves sacred, salutary, and divine, fiction superseding fact, and fancy faith in God or the divine reality of things, the embodiment of the genius of cant persuading itself to believe that that which is not is, while atheism, on the other hand, tries to persuade itself to believe that that which is is not.


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