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Princeton's WordNet

  1. indoctrination(noun)

    teaching someone to accept doctrines uncritically


  1. indoctrination(Noun)

    The act of indoctrinating, or the condition of being indoctrinated

  2. indoctrination(Noun)

    Instruction in the rudiments and principles of any science or belief system; information.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Indoctrination(noun)

    the act of indoctrinating, or the condition of being indoctrinated; instruction in the rudiments and principles of any science or system of belief; information


  1. Indoctrination

    Indoctrination is the process of inculcating ideas, attitudes, cognitive strategies or a professional methodology. It is often distinguished from education by the fact that the indoctrinated person is expected not to question or critically examine the doctrine they have learned. As such the term may be used pejoratively, often in the context of education, political opinions, theology or religious dogma. The term is closely linked to socialization; in common discourse, indoctrination is often associated with negative connotations, while socialization refers to cultural or educational learning.


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    The numerical value of indoctrination in Chaldean Numerology is: 5

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    The numerical value of indoctrination in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. John McAdams:

    There’s a lot of keeping your mouth shut, students are subjected to a good bit of indoctrination.

  2. Zeki Saritoprak:

    Worldwide, to my knowledge, there has been no credible evidence of religious indoctrination at any school established or run by Hizmet sympathizers.

  3. Spencer Brown:

    College campuses for a long time have gotten away with being indoctrination places for leftists, the diversity officer’s email conditioned people to react negatively to opposing ideas.

  4. Paul Martin:

    It is not cost effective, the goals are to win over the hearts and minds and illustrate a better perception of the U.S. This seems to be an unachievable task due to the indoctrination process of a radical Islamic jihadist.

  5. James Scott:

    In the United States there is a unique blend of patriotism indoctrination from the pulpit which blends establishment controls into the religious ideology. This way, to question the establishment is to question God, therefore one’s patriotism and salvation is contingent on their submission to the state.

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