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Definitions for imagoɪˈmeɪ goʊ, ɪˈmɑ-; -gəˌniz

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. imago(noun)

    (psychoanalysis) an idealized image of someone (usually a parent) formed in childhood

  2. imago(noun)

    an adult insect produced after metamorphosis


  1. imago(Noun)

    The final developmental stage of an insect after undergoing metamorphosis.

  2. imago(Noun)

    An idealised concept of a loved one, formed in childhood and retained unaltered in adult life.

  3. Origin: From imago.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Imago(noun)

    an image

  2. Imago(noun)

    the final adult, and usually winged, state of an insect. See Illust. of Ant-lion, and Army worm

  3. Origin: [L. See Image.]


  1. Imago

    In biology, the imago is the last stage an insect attains during its metamorphosis, its process of growth and development; it also is called the imaginal stage, the stage in which the insect attains maturity. It follows the final ecdysis of the immature instars. In a member of the Ametabola or Hemimetabola, in which metamorphosis is "incomplete", the final ecdysis follows the last immature or "nymphal" stage. In members of the Holometabola, in which there is a pupal stage, the final ecdysis follows emergence from the pupa, after which the metamorphosis is complete, although there is a prolonged period of maturation in some species. The imago is the only stage during which the insect is sexually mature and, if it is a winged species, has functional wings. The imago often is referred to as the adult stage. Members of the order Ephemeroptera do not have a pupal stage, but they briefly pass through an extra winged stage called the subimago. Insects at this stage have functional wings but are not yet sexually mature. The Latin plural of imago is imagines, and this is the term generally used by entomologists – however, imagos is also acceptable.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Imago

    i-mā′gō, n. the last or perfect state of insect life: an image or optical counterpart of a thing. [L.]

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    The numerical value of imago in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Seneca:

    Speech is the mirror of the mind. (Imago Animi Sermo Est)

  2. W. H. Auden:

    Accurate scholarship can unearth the whole offence from luther untill noe that has driven a culture mad. From what occured at linz what huge imago made a psychopathic god. i and the public know what all schoolchildren learn those to whom evil is done do evil in return.

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