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  1. ichnology(Noun)

    A branch of paleontology concerned with the study of trace fossils. It can be divided into paleoichnology and neoichnology.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Ichnology(noun)

    the branch of science which treats of fossil footprints

  2. Origin: [Gr. 'i`chnos a footstep + -logy.]


  1. Ichnology

    Ichnology is the branch of geology that deals with traces of organismal behavior, such as burrows and footprints. It is generally considered as a branch of paleontology; however, only one division of ichnology, paleoichnology, deals with trace fossils, while neoichnology is the study of modern traces. Parallels can often be drawn between modern traces and trace fossils, helping scientists to decode the possible behavior and anatomy of the trace-making organisms even if no body fossils can be found. An ichnologist is a scientist whose area of study and research is ichnology. Ichnologic studies are based on the discovery and analysis of biogenic structures: features caused by living organisms. Thus, burrows, trackways, trails and borings are all examples of biogenic structures, but not casts or molds of dead shells or other bodily remains. To keep body and trace fossils nomenclatorially separate, ichnospecies are erected for trace fossils. Ichnotaxa are classified somewhat differently in zoological nomenclature than taxa based on body fossils. Examples include: ⁕Late Cambrian trace fossils from intertidal settings include Protichnites and Climactichnites, amongst others

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Ichnology

    ik-nol′o-ji, n. footprint lore: the science of fossil footprints.—Also Ichnolithol′ogy. [Gr. ichnos, a track, a footprint, logia, discourse.]


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