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Princeton's WordNet

  1. ice pack, ice bag(noun)

    a waterproof bag filled with ice: applied to the body (especially the head) to cool or reduce swelling

  2. pack ice, ice pack(noun)

    a large expanse of floating ice


  1. ice pack(Noun)

    a large floating mass of ice; pack ice

  2. ice pack(Noun)

    a pack of crushed ice applied to the body in order to reduce pain or inflammation

  3. ice pack(Noun)

    a plastic sac of silicone that can be cooled in a freezer and then used in a cool bag


  1. Ice pack

    An ice pack or gel pack is a plastic sac of ice, refrigerant gel or liquid, or, in an emergency, even frozen vegetables. The refrigerant, usually non-toxic, can absorb a considerable amount of heat, since its enthalpy of fusion is high. It is commonly used as a cold compress to alleviate the pain of minor injuries or in coolers or insulated shipping containers to keep products cool during transport. The simplest type of ice pack is simply a sack, bag or towel filled with cubed or crushed ice. Ice packs are used in coolers to keep perishable foods below the 41–165 °F danger zone when outside a refrigerator or freezer. The amount of ice needed to cool a given mass of food varies greatly, depending on the initial temperature of the food, the temperature, solidity, and mass of the ice used, the insulating value of the container both are put into, the ambient temperature around the container, and whether it is exposed to direct sunlight or kept in the shade. Water has an unusually high enthalpy of fusion and a convenient melting temperature. However it isn't ideal for ice packs for various reasons, so additives to improve the properties of water are often used. For example, substances can be added to prevent bacterial growth in the pack, as can additives that cause the water to remain a thick gel throughout use, instead of transitioning between a solid and a free-flowing liquid like plain water. These gel packs are often made of non-toxic materials that will not liquefy, and therefore will not spill easily or cause contamination if the container breaks. Gel packs may be made by adding hydroxyethyl cellulose or vinyl-coated silica gel.


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