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  1. Icarus Ascending

    Icarus Ascending, (Oper Tune Ity) limited is a company created around one simple idea. To truly develop repeat business, companies must create a bond which extends beyond the first visit. To that end, they must embrace any available resource including state of the art technology. Historically, businesses have used smiling friendly salespeople, atmosphere (paint, fixtures, music), value and, of course, product. Starbucks® is perhaps a very good example of all these elements. Knowledgeable, friendly salespeople in a warm, inviting atmosphere that plays "hip" music, at levels just loud enough for customers to hopefully identify. Many customers don't say, "I'm going for coffee." They instead say, "I'm going to Starbucks." One thing that most, if not all businesses dealing with the public have in common is background music. In fact, even high rise elevators are now equipped to play it. Clearly, music plays a powerful role in the human experience. Further, Music Enabled Cellular Phone sales are experiencing exponential growth.Here then, resides the opportunity for Icarus. The company has developed a dual application using available technology so that one of two things happens when a customer walks into a business or, for that matter, any environment that uses music. Imagine that the customer walks into, for example, a bakery and is greeted with music he/she has residing on their smartphones. Better still, imagine if the bakery "read" the customers Pandora®, Spotify®, Roxio® or similar provider's playlist. The bakery would pay a nominal twenty dollar per month license fee and has substantively raised the customer's comfort level. Or, a customer going into a neighborhood bar who, if he/she is the only customer, listens to a playlist of music they identify with. The idea works in a "queue." If a second customer comes in, they are next in the queue. The possibilities are almost endless. Recently, Pandora did a deal with Toyota® wherein it is available on Toyota's automobiles if the user turns on Pandora on his/her car radio. How much more interesting/valuable would it be if the customer had to do nothing and the radio read his/her smartphone? Icarus intends to explore the Detroit auto market for opportunities along those lines as well. Icarus is aware of the enormity of its market universe. Department stores such as Bloomingdales offer multi license opportunities. As a young woman goes to the shoe department and hears what she likes, a man in menswear is experiencing something he can relate to. The passenger back of taxi cabs, shopping carts, high rise buildings, hotels, all under license are contemplated. Hotels would welcome the ability to have a customer check into his/her room and be greeted by music they like. The same would certainly be true when the guest is by the pool. Imagine the number of dentists in just the United States with one or more examination rooms and the relaxitive benefit of the patient being able to listen to music that makes them calm or happy. Considering the low cost of the Icarus license, the dentist is more than likely paying more currently for the magazines in the waiting room. The market universe just in U.S. elevators is staggering. "The best alternative (to understanding the size) is to poll the various jurisdictional and industry associations and ask them to provide an estimate based on their known records, a knowledge of units that have been installed, based on reasonable recorded data. That was the method used to obtain the data estimates indicating that more than 900,000 elevators and 50,000 escalators operate in the U.S. An estimated 10% of that number operates in Canada. This is believed to be a reasonable number representative of the changing nature of the new installation market as estimated by the National Elevator Industry, Inc. (NEII [www.NEII.org])." The business side app is contemplated to do more. Whenever a customer calls in using a smartphone, unlike the previous boring "music o


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of icarus ascending in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of icarus ascending in Pythagorean Numerology is: 3

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