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Princeton's WordNet

  1. hone(verb)

    a whetstone made of fine gritstone; used for sharpening razors

  2. hone(verb)

    sharpen with a hone

    "hone a knife"

  3. perfect, hone(verb)

    make perfect or complete

    "perfect your French in Paris!"


  1. Hone(v. t.)

    to render more precise or more effective; as, to hone one's skills.


  1. hone(Noun)

    A sharpening stone composed of extra-fine grit used for removing the burr or curl from the blade of a razor or some other edge tool.

  2. hone(Noun)

    A machine tool used in the manufacture of precision bores.

  3. hone(Verb)

    To sharpen with a hone.

  4. hone(Verb)

    To use a hone to produce a precision bore.

  5. hone(Verb)

    To refine or master (a skill).

  6. hone(Verb)

    To make more acute, intense, or effective.

  7. Origin: From hon ‘whetstone’, from han, from hainō (compare Dutch heen, Norwegian hein), from ḱeh₃i- ‘to sharpen’ (compare Greek κώνος ‘cone’, Persian ‘whetstone’).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hone(verb)

    to pine; to lament; to long

  2. Hone(noun)

    a kind of swelling in the cheek

  3. Hone(noun)

    a stone of a fine grit, or a slab, as of metal, covered with an abrading substance or powder, used for sharpening cutting instruments, and especially for setting razors; an oilstone

  4. Hone(verb)

    to sharpen on, or with, a hone; to rub on a hone in order to sharpen; as, to hone a razor

  5. Origin: [Cf. Icel. hn a knob.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Hone

    hōn, n. a stone of a fine grit for sharpening instruments.—v.t. to sharpen as on a hone. [A.S. hán; Ice. hein; allied to Gr. kōnos, a cone.]

  2. Hone

    hōn, v.i. to pine, moan, grieve. [Perh. Fr. hogner, to grumble.]

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  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of hone in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

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Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Glenn Whipp:

    They've really tried to hone the universality of the film.

  2. Kia Hamadanchy:

    As Democrats, we have a lot of issues with our messaging and winning elections, these primaries are going to allow people to kind of hone that message.

  3. Val Saengphaibul:

    They simply have more time to understand and hone their craft without worrying about work, bills, and the rent which could potentially inflate the number of young, experimental hackers.

  4. Kris Famm:

    It will really help us hone the intervention, this is almost the epicenter of convergence because the technology is not only helping you to monitor a disease but it is also actually the therapy.

  5. Ashton Eaton:

    Athletes spend the most vigorous years of human life, arguably called the ‘ best years ’, working to hone their abilities, i ’m grateful and thankful to the IAAF( governing body) for excellent competitions, the canvases that allow us to display our work.

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Translations for hone

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • esmoladoraCatalan, Valencian
  • brousit, ostřit, brus, pilovat, bruska, brousek, vybrousit, nabrousit, naostřitCzech
  • ausfeilen, Wetzstein, feinschleifen, ziehschleifen, Schleifstein, honen, ausschleifenGerman
  • afilar, muela, aguzadera, asperón, amolar, amoladera, afiladera, aguzarSpanish
  • hoonata, hoonaustyökalu, hioa, liippakivi, liipataFinnish
  • perfectionner, aiguiserFrench
  • affinare, molare, mola, arrotare, affilare, coteItalian
  • 砥石, とぐJapanese
  • oroiMāori
  • kalibreren, slijpen, scherp maken, aanzetten, verfijnenDutch
  • esmerarPortuguese
  • хон, точильный камень, хонинговать, точить, брусок, оселок, затачивать, оттачиватьRussian
  • brynsten, slipa, finslipa, skärpa, bryne, brynaSwedish
  • சாணைTamil

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