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Definitions for hagiographyˌhæg iˈɒg rə fi, ˌheɪ dʒi-

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. hagiography(noun)

    a biography that idealizes or idolizes the person (especially a person who is a saint)


  1. hagiography(Noun)

    The study of saints.

  2. hagiography(Noun)

    A biography of a saint.

  3. hagiography(Noun)

    A biography which expresses reverence and respect for its subject.

  4. hagiography(Noun)

    A biography which is uncritically supportive of its subject, often including embellishments or propaganda.

  5. Origin: From + .

Webster Dictionary

  1. Hagiography(noun)

    same Hagiographa


  1. Hagiography

    Hagiography, from the Greek ağios and graphēin, refers to the biographies of saints and ecclesiastical leaders. The term hagiology, the study of hagiography, is also current in English, although less common. Christian hagiographies focus on the lives, and notably the miracles of men and women canonized by the Roman Catholic church, the Anglican Communion, the Eastern Orthodox Church, the Oriental Orthodox churches, and the Church of the East. Other religions such as Buddhism, Islam and Sikhism also create and maintain hagiographical texts concerning saints, gurus and other individuals believed to be imbued with sacred power. The term “hagiography” has also been used as a pejorative reference to the works of biographers and historians perceived to be uncritical or “reverential” to their subject, and is arguably the more common usage in a non-specialist context. Nonetheless, hagiographic works, particularly those of the Middle Ages, can often incorporate a valuable record of institutional and local history, and evidence of popular cults, customs, and traditions.


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