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Definitions for glycolysisglaɪˈkɒl ə sɪs

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. glycolysis(noun)

    a metabolic process that breaks down carbohydrates and sugars through a series of reactions to either pyruvic acid or lactic acid and releases energy for the body in the form of ATP


  1. glycolysis(Noun)

    The cellular degradation of the simple sugar glucose to yield pyruvic acid, and ATP as an energy source.


  1. Glycolysis

    Glycolysis is the metabolic pathway that converts glucose C6H12O6, into pyruvate, CH3COCOO− + H+. The free energy released in this process is used to form the high-energy compounds ATP and NADH. Glycolysis is a purely anaerobic reaction. While it can happen in the presence of oxygen, oxygen is never involved in the reaction, nor does it alter it. Terms like "aerobic glycolysis" are a misnomer, but are sometimes used to describe the environment of the cell and how it affects the metabolic breakdown of the pyruvate product. Glycolysis is a determined sequence of ten reactions involving ten intermediate compounds. The intermediates provide entry points to glycolysis. For example, most monosaccharides, such as fructose, glucose, and galactose, can be converted to one of these intermediates. The intermediates may also be directly useful. For example, the intermediate dihydroxyacetone phosphate is a source of the glycerol that combines with fatty acids to form fat. It occurs, with variations, in nearly all organisms, both aerobic and anaerobic. The wide occurrence of glycolysis indicates that it is one of the most ancient known metabolic pathways. It occurs in the cytosol of the cell.

U.S. National Library of Medicine

  1. Glycolysis

    A metabolic process that converts GLUCOSE into two molecules of PYRUVIC ACID through a series of enzymatic reactions. Energy generated by this process is conserved in two molecules of ATP. Glycolysis is the universal catabolic pathway for glucose, free glucose, or glucose derived from complex CARBOHYDRATES, such as GLYCOGEN and STARCH.

Editors Contribution

  1. glycolysis

    Is a metabolic sequence and pathway where a form of glucose energy in the body is converted into a variety of different sequenced intermediate.

    The first step in glycolysis is phosphorylation of glucose by a family of enzymes called hexokinases to form glucose 6-phosphate (G6P).


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