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  1. Galvanometer, Sine

    A galvanometer whose measurements depend upon the sine of the angle of deflection produced when the coil and needle lie in the same vertical plane. The needle, which may be a long one, is surrounded by a coil, which can be rotated about a vertical axis passing through the point of suspension of the needle. Starting with the needle at rest in the plane of the coil, a current is passed through the coil deflecting the needle, the coil is swung around deflecting the needle still more, until the needle lies in the plane of the coil; the intensity of the current will then be in proportion to the sine of the angle through which the coil and needle move. In the galvanometer M is a circle carrying the coil, N is a scale over which the needles, m and n, move, the former being a magnetic needle, the latter an index at right angles and attached thereto; a and b are wires carrying the current to be measured. The circles, M and N, are carried by a base, O, around which they rotate. H is a fixed horizontal graduated circle. In use the circle, M, is placed in the magnetic meridian, the current is passed through the coil, M; the needle is deflected; M is turned until its plane coincides with the direction of the needle, m. The current strength is proportional to the sine of the angle of deflection. This angle is measured by the vernier, C, on the circle, H. The knob, A, is used to turn the circle, M.


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    The numerical value of galvanometer, sine in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

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