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Princeton's WordNet

  1. gallop(verb)

    a fast gait of a horse; a two-beat stride during which all four legs are off the ground simultaneously

  2. gallop(verb)

    ride at a galloping pace

    "He was galloping down the road"

  3. gallop(verb)

    go at galloping speed

    "The horse was galloping along"

  4. gallop, extend(verb)

    cause to move at full gallop

    "Did you gallop the horse just now?"


  1. gallop(Noun)

    The fastest gait of a horse.

  2. gallop(Noun)

    A two-beat stride during which all four legs are off the ground simultaneously

  3. gallop(Verb)

    To ride at a galloping pace

  4. gallop(Verb)

    To make electrical or other utility lines sway and/or move up and down violently, usually due to a combination of high winds and ice accrual on the lines.

  5. Origin: galopen, from galoper, from * from * + *, from hlaupanan, from klaup-. Possibly also derived from a deverbal of from * from a Proto-Germanic word meaning "dead, victim, slain" from wel- + * from *. More at well, leap, valkyrie. See also wallop.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Gallop(verb)

    to move or run in the mode called a gallop; as a horse; to go at a gallop; to run or move with speed

  2. Gallop(verb)

    to ride a horse at a gallop

  3. Gallop(verb)

    fig.: To go rapidly or carelessly, as in making a hasty examination

  4. Gallop(verb)

    to cause to gallop

  5. Gallop(verb)

    a mode of running by a quadruped, particularly by a horse, by lifting alternately the fore feet and the hind feet, in successive leaps or bounds

  6. Origin: [OE. galopen, F. galoper, of German origin; cf. assumed Goth. ga-hlaupan to run, OHG. giloufen, AS. gehlepan to leap, dance, fr. root of E. leap, and a prefix; or cf. OFlem. walop a gallop. See Leap, and cf. 1st Wallop.]


  1. Gallop

    Gallop, sometimes credited as Studio Gallop, is a Japanese animation studio.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Gallop

    gal′up, v.i. to move by leaps, as a horse: to ride a galloping horse: to move very fast.—v.t. to cause to gallop.—n. the pace at which a horse runs when the forefeet are lifted together and the hindfeet together: a ride at a gallop.—n. Gall′oper, one who, or that which, gallops.—part. and adj. Gall′oping, proceeding at a gallop: (fig.) advancing rapidly, as in the phrase, 'a galloping consumption.'—Canterbury gallop, a moderate gallop of a horse (see Canter). [O. Fr. galop, galoper; prob. Teut., related to leap. There is a Flemish and a Middle High Ger. walop (n.). The root is seen in Old Fries. walla, to boil; cf. Well (1).]


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of gallop in Chaldean Numerology is: 7

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of gallop in Pythagorean Numerology is: 9

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Honore de Balzac:

    This coffee plunges into the stomach...the mind is aroused, and ideas pour forth like the battalions of the Grand Army on the field of battle.... Memories charge at full gallop...the light cavalry of comparisons deploys itself magnificently; the artillery of logic hurry in with their train of ammunition; flashes of wit pop up like sharp-shooters.

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  1. gallopgallopgallop

Translations for gallop

From our Multilingual Translation Dictionary

  • trysk, klusat, cválat, běžet tryskem, letět tryskem, jet tryskem, cvalCzech
  • galopere, galopDanish
  • Galopp, galoppierenGerman
  • galope, galoparSpanish
  • تاختن, چهارنعل, چهارنعل رفتنPersian
  • kiitolaukka, neli, nelistää, laukataFinnish
  • galoper, galopFrench
  • דהרHebrew
  • galopigar, galoparIdo
  • ギャロップJapanese
  • galvotrūkčiais, galopas, šuoliuoti, šuoliaiLithuanian
  • galopp, galoppereNorwegian
  • galopować, cwałPolish
  • galope, galoparPortuguese
  • галоп, галопи́ровать, скака́ть гало́помRussian
  • gàlop, галопирати, galopirati, га̀лопSerbo-Croatian
  • galopp, galopperaSwedish
  • ห้อThai

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