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Definitions for furrowˈfɜr oʊ, ˈfʌr oʊ

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Princeton's WordNet

  1. furrow(noun)

    a long shallow trench in the ground (especially one made by a plow)

  2. wrinkle, furrow, crease, crinkle, seam, line(verb)

    a slight depression in the smoothness of a surface

    "his face has many lines"; "ironing gets rid of most wrinkles"

  3. furrow, rut, groove(verb)

    hollow out in the form of a furrow or groove

    "furrow soil"

  4. furrow, wrinkle, crease(verb)

    make wrinkled or creased

    "furrow one's brow"

  5. furrow, chamfer, chase(verb)

    cut a furrow into a columns


  1. furrow(Noun)

    A trench cut in the soil, as when plowed in order to plant a crop.

    Don't walk across that deep furrow in the field.

  2. furrow(Noun)

    A deep wrinkle in the skin of the face, especially on someone's forehead.

    When she was tired, a deep furrow appeared on her forehead.

  3. furrow(Verb)

    To make (a) groove, a cut(s) in (the ground etc.).

    Cart wheels can furrow roads.

  4. furrow(Verb)

    To wrinkle

  5. furrow(Verb)

    To pull one's brows or eyebrows together due to worry, concentration etc.

    Leave me alone so I can furrow my brows and concentrate.

  6. Origin: From furgh, forow, from furh, from furhō (cf. East Frisian fuurge, Dutch vore, German Furche, Swedish fåra), from pork̑os (cf. Welsh rhych ‘furrow’, Latin porca ‘lynchet’, Lithuanian prapraparsas ‘ditch’, Sanskrit ‘chasm’).

Webster Dictionary

  1. Furrow(noun)

    a trench in the earth made by, or as by, a plow

  2. Furrow(noun)

    any trench, channel, or groove, as in wood or metal; a wrinkle on the face; as, the furrows of age

  3. Furrow(noun)

    to cut a furrow in; to make furrows in; to plow; as, to furrow the ground or sea

  4. Furrow(noun)

    to mark with channels or with wrinkles

  5. Origin: [OE. forow, forgh, furgh, AS. furh; akin to D. voor, OHG. furuh, G. furche, Dan. fure, Sw. fra, Icel. for drain, L. porca ridge between two furrows.]

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Furrow

    fur′ō, n. the trench made by a plough: any groove: a wrinkle on the face.—v.t. to form furrows in: to groove: to wrinkle.—n. Furr′ow-weed (Shak.), a weed on ploughed land.—-adj. Furr′owy. [A.S. furh; cf. Ger. furche, L. porca.]

Editors Contribution

  1. furrow

    To use a type of device, equipment, tool or machinery to create a type of channel or space in the ground or another type of material for a specific purpose.

    The farmer created a row of furrows to put the plants in to grow his crops. The construction workers created a furrow for the water to drain away from the footpath.


  1. Chaldean Numerology

    The numerical value of furrow in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

  2. Pythagorean Numerology

    The numerical value of furrow in Pythagorean Numerology is: 2

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