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Princeton's WordNet

  1. fulminate(verb)

    a salt or ester of fulminic acid

  2. fulminate, rail(verb)

    criticize severely

    "He fulminated against the Republicans' plan to cut Medicare"; "She railed against the bad social policies"

  3. fulminate(verb)

    come on suddenly and intensely

    "the disease fulminated"

  4. fulminate(verb)

    cause to explode violently and with loud noise


  1. fulminate(Noun)

    Any salt or ester of fulminic acid; mostly explosive.

  2. fulminate(Verb)

    To make a verbal attack.

  3. fulminate(Verb)

    To issue a denunciation.

  4. fulminate(Verb)

    To strike with lightning; to cause to explode.

  5. Origin: From fulminatus, past participle of fulmino, from fulmen, from earlier , , from fulgo, fulgeo. More at fulgent.

Webster Dictionary

  1. Fulminate(verb)

    to thunder; hence, to make a loud, sudden noise; to detonate; to explode with a violent report

  2. Fulminate(verb)

    to issue or send forth decrees or censures with the assumption of supreme authority; to thunder forth menaces

  3. Fulminate(verb)

    to cause to explode

  4. Fulminate(verb)

    to utter or send out with denunciations or censures; -- said especially of menaces or censures uttered by ecclesiastical authority

  5. Fulminate(verb)

    a salt of fulminic acid. See under Fulminic

  6. Fulminate(verb)

    a fulminating powder

  7. Origin: [L. fulminatus, p. p. of fulminare to lighten, strike with lightning, fr. fulmen thunderbolt, fr. fulgere to shine. See Fulgent, and cf. Fulmine.]


  1. Fulminate

    Fulminates are chemical compounds which include the fulminate ion. The fulminate ion, CNO− is a pseudohalic ion, acting like a halogen with its charge and reactivity. Due to the instability of the ion, fulminate salts are friction-sensitive explosives. The best known is mercury fulminate, which has been used as a primary explosive in detonators. Fulminates can be formed from metals, such as silver and mercury, dissolved in nitric acid and reacted with ethanol. It is largely the presence of the weak single nitrogen-oxygen bond which leads to its instability. Nitrogen very easily forms a stable triple bond to another nitrogen atom, forming gaseous nitrogen.

Chambers 20th Century Dictionary

  1. Fulminate

    ful′min-āt, v.i. to thunder or make a loud noise: to issue decrees with violence, or with menaces of grave censure.—v.t. to cause to explode: to send forth, as a denunciation—(Milt.) Ful′mine.—n. a compound of fulminic acid with mercury, &c.—adj. Ful′minant, fulminating: (path.) developing suddenly.—n. a thunderbolt, explosive.—adj. Ful′minating, crackling, exploding, detonating.—n. Fulminā′tion, act of fulminating, thundering, or issuing forth: a chemical explosion: a denunciation.—adjs. Ful′minatory; Fulmin′eous, Ful′minous, pertaining to thunder and lightning; Fulmin′ic, pertaining to an acid used in preparing explosive compounds. [L. fulmināre, -ātumfulmen (for fulgimen), lightning—fulgēre, to shine.]


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