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  1. fuel gauge, fuel indicator(noun)

    an indicator of the amount of fuel remaining in a vehicle


  1. Fuel gauge

    A fuel gauge is an instrument used to indicate the level of fuel contained in a tank. Commonly used in cars, these may also be used for any tank including underground storage tanks. As used in cars, the gauge consists of two parts: ⁕The sensing unit ⁕The indicator The sensing unit usually uses a float connected to a potentiometer. typically printed ink design in a modern autmobile. As the tank empties, the float drops and slides a moving contact along the resistor, increasing its resistance. In addition, when the resistance is at a certain point, it will also turn on a "low fuel" light on some vehicles. Meanwhile, the indicator unit is measuring and displaying the amount of electrical current flowing through the sending unit. When the tank level is high and maximum current is flowing, the needle points to "F" indicating a full tank. When the tank is empty and the least current is flowing, the needle points to "E" indicating an empty tank. The system can be fail-safe;if an electrical fault opens the electrical circuit causes the indicator to show the tank as being empty rather than full. Corrosion or wear of the potentiometer will provide erroneous readings of fuel level. However this system has a potential risk associated with it. An electric current is sent through the variable resistor to which a float is connected, so that the value of resistance depends on the fuel level. In most of automotive fuel gauges such resistors are on the inward side of gauge i.e. inside fuel tank. Sending current through such a resistor has fire hazard associated with it. These resistance sensors are also showing an increased failure rate with the incremental additions of alcohol in automotive gasoline fuel. Alcohol increases the corrosion rate at the potentiometer, as it is capable of carrying current like water. Potentiometer applications for alcohol fuel use a pulse and hold methodology in that a periodic signal is sent to determine fuel level decreasing the corrosion potential. Therefore there is demand for another safer, non contact method for fuel level is desired.

Editors Contribution

  1. fuel gauge

    A fuel gauge is an instrument used to indicate the level of fuel contained in a tank.

    The fuel tank was over half full so she knew she could get to work and back before refueling.


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    The numerical value of fuel gauge in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

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    The numerical value of fuel gauge in Pythagorean Numerology is: 4

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