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  1. Gao Liangyu:

    I don't think airlines shares overall are good investment for the longer term given their high operating cost and the cyclical nature of the industry, however, Spring's no-frills model and flexibility has helped to differentiate itself from others just like Southwest Airline had done in the United States.

  2. Phil Derner:

    For the most part, there is no such thing as an ‘ unsafe ’ airline, agencies such as the [ Federal Aviation Administration ] have very strict regulations for safe operations of air travel that all airlines must abide by, without exception. Even the lowest of low cost/no frills airlines jump through the same hoops as large major carriers, and are no less or more safe than the next.

  3. James Chao:

    Global automakers have largely focused on more expensive segments instead of the no-frills market that local Chinese brands have targeted, now, the lower-cost market is taking off and some global makers are finding their more premium products poorly positioned for this growth shift. And the worse news is that their product pipelines for the no-frills market is, with only a few exceptions, empty.

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