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  1. fractionation, fractional process(noun)

    a process that uses heat to separate a substance into its components

  2. fractionation(noun)

    separation into portions


  1. fractionation(n.)

    (Petroleum industry) Separation of crude oil into components of differing composition by fractional distillation.

  2. fractionation(n.)

    the act or process of separating a mixture into portions of different composition, as in distillation or fractional crystallization.


  1. fractionation(Noun)

    A separation process in which a certain quantity of a mixture is divided up into smaller quantities (fractions) in which the composition changes according to a gradient.


  1. Fractionation

    Fractionation is a separation process in which a certain quantity of a mixture is divided up in a number of smaller quantities in which the composition varies according to a gradient. Fractions are collected based on differences in a specific property of the individual components. A common trait in fractionations is the need to find an optimum between the amount of fractions collected and the desired purity in each fraction. Fractionation makes it possible to isolate more than two components in a mixture in a single run. This property sets it apart from other separation techniques. Fractionation is widely employed in many branches of science and technology. Mixtures of liquids and gases are separated by fractional distillation by difference in boiling point. Fractionation of components also takes place in column chromatography by a difference in affinity between stationary phase and the mobile phase. In fractional crystallization and fractional freezing, chemical substances are fractionated based on difference in solubility at a given temperature. In cell fractionation, cell components are separated by difference in mass.


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    The numerical value of fractionation in Chaldean Numerology is: 4

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    The numerical value of fractionation in Pythagorean Numerology is: 1

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