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Princeton's WordNet

  1. footprint, footmark, step(noun)

    a mark of a foot or shoe on a surface

    "the police made casts of the footprints in the soft earth outside the window"

  2. footprint(noun)

    a trace suggesting that something was once present or felt or otherwise important

    "the footprints of an earlier civilization"

  3. footprint(noun)

    the area taken up by some object

    "the computer had a desktop footprint of 10 by 16 inches"


  1. footprint(Noun)

    The impression of the foot in a soft substance such as sand or snow.

  2. footprint(Noun)

    Space required by a piece of equipment. Eg: This computer has a smaller footprint.

  3. footprint(Noun)

    Amount of hard drive space required for a program.

  4. footprint(Noun)

    The audit trail left by a crashed program

  5. footprint(Noun)

    Profession or lifestyle, as in...

    He is following in his father's footprints.

  6. footprint(Noun)

    The surface space occupied by a structure

    the footprint of a building.

  7. footprint(Noun)

    A company's geographic market presence. Eg. The store, which is slated to open next month, increases the company's footprint in the market to 14 locations.

  8. footprint(Noun)

    The ecological impact of a human activity, machine, etc.

    My carbon footprint is very high.

  9. footprint(Noun)

    Availability of a satellite from the ground

Webster Dictionary

  1. Footprint(noun)

    the impression of the foot; a trace or footmark; as, "Footprints of the Creator."


  1. Footprint

    Footprints are the impressions or images left behind by a person walking or running. Hoofprints and pawprints are those left by animals with hooves or paws rather than feet, while "shoeprints" is the specific term for prints made by shoes. They may either be indentations in the ground or something placed onto the surface that was stuck to the bottom of the foot. A "trackway" is set of footprints in soft earth left by a life-form; animal tracks are the footprints, hoofprints, or pawprints of an animal. Footprints can be followed when tracking during a hunt or can provide evidence of activities. Some footprints remain unexplained, with several famous stories from mythology and legend. Others have provided evidence of prehistoric life and behaviours.

The New Hacker's Dictionary

  1. footprint

    1. The floor or desk area taken up by a piece of hardware. 2. [IBM] The audit trail (if any) left by a crashed program (often in plural, footprints). See also toeprint. 3. RAM footprint: The minimum amount of RAM which an OS or other program takes; this figure gives one an idea of how much will be left for other applications. How actively this RAM is used is another matter entirely. Recent tendencies to featuritis and software bloat can expand the RAM footprint of an OS to the point of making it nearly unusable in practice. [This problem is, thankfully, limited to operating systems so stupid that they don't do virtual memory -- ESR]

Dictionary of Military and Associated Terms

  1. footprint

    1. The area on the surface of the earth within a satellite


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    The numerical value of footprint in Chaldean Numerology is: 1

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    The numerical value of footprint in Pythagorean Numerology is: 7

Sample Sentences & Example Usage

  1. Jeb Bush:

    And, given Florida's footprint in the Western Hemisphere.

  2. Frank Milstead:

    We have an incredibly large footprint along the I-10 corridor.

  3. Bruce Blodgett:

    The carbon footprint is going to be the same whether we build it or not.

  4. Roger Kay:

    One wonders [if it has] too large a footprint in memory [and is] too slow.

  5. Frank Storino:

    We had a basic footprint and we kind of knew what direction we wanted to go.

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